Skydiving – Azerbaijan Travel Guide: Exploring Must-Visit Tourist Places

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Azerbaijan is gaining popularity as a tourism destination because of its unique natural phenomena, stunning landscapes and unique history. This blog will guide you through everything you need to know to make your Azerbaijan holiday incredible.




Baku skyline
Baku skyline

The capital city of Azerbaijan is filled with unique sights that will captivate anyone. From the incredible variety of architecture to unique places through history, this city is filled with incredible stories of events through the ages.


Top Attractions: Shirvanshahs Palace, Icheri Sheher, Maiden Tower, Heydar Aliyev Centre

Top Hotels: Soffia Hotel Baku, Royal Antique Boutique Hotel, Passaje Old


Nohur Lake, Gabala
Nohur Lake, Gabala

Gabala is located on the northern side of Azerbaijan, near the Caucasus mountains. People are attracted by the natural beauty surrounding the city, and the unique history of the city is fascinating.


Top Attractions: Tufandag Mountain Resort, Essenso Lavender Field, Nohur Lake, Qabala Archaeological Center, Yeddi Gozel Waterfall

Top Hotels: Nohur Hotel Gabala, Qafqaz Royal Chalet, Raffles Garden Villa


Imamzadeh Mausoleum, Ganja
Imamzadeh Mausoleum, Ganja

Located in the picturesque South Caucasus range, the city of Ganja is an incredible place for tourism in Azerbaijan. The city itself is filled with unique architecture, and the surrounding countryside is popular for all kinds of outdoor activities. 


Top Attractions: Premium Hotel Ganja, Old City Ganja, Vego Hotel

Top Hotels: Imamzadeh Mausoleum, Khan Bagy Park, Lake Maralgol


Mardakan Fort, Mardakan
Mardakan Fort, Mardakan

Although technically a part of Baku, Mardakan has a unique character of its own. The beaches and luxurious resorts around them, combined with spectacular monuments make this place a must-visit for tourists.


Top Attractions: Mardakan Castle, Dalga Beach Resort, Mardakan Arboretum

Top Hotels: House By The Sea Mardakan


Museum Of Applied Arts, Shaki
Museum Of Applied Arts, Shaki

The historical city of Shaki is known for its storied history, dating back to the days of the Silk Route. Its historical monuments, complemented by breathtaking surroundings make Shaki a place tourists should definitely explore.


Top Attractions: Palace of Shaki Khans, Church of Kish, Sheki Karvansaray

Top Hotels: Yaffle Inn Shaki, FGarden Hotel Sheki, Ruma Qala Hotel


Yeddi Gumbaz Mausoleum, Shamakhi
Yeddi Gumbaz Mausoleum, Shamakhi

The spectacular sights of Shamakhi have inspired generations of Azerbaijani poetry. See the magical natural beauty and historical wonders of this magical part of Azerbaijan.


Top Attractions: Shamakhy Astrophysical Observatory, Yeddi Gumbaz Mausoleum, Juma Mosque

Top Hotels: Sakit Gol, Sirvan Hotel, Village Villas



Shirvanshahs Palace

Shirvanshahs Palace
Shirvanshahs Palace

Located in the Old City of Baku, the Shirvanshahs Palace is an architectural marvel. The vast palace is filled with incredible stories of Azerbaijan’s history through the ages.

Icheri Sheher

Street view at Icheri Sheher
Street view at Icheri Sheher

If you are going to Baku, the “Inner City” or Icheri Sheher should be at the top of your list. This part of Baku is the oldest part of the city, and you can see the various ages of the country’s history through the architecture.

Gobustan National Park

Rock formations at Gobustan National Park
Rock formations at Gobustan National Park

The stunning landscapes of Gobustan National Park contain an unending list of wonders. See cave paintings from the dawn of mankind, the famous mud volcanoes and the unique wildlife and vegetation of this part of Azerbaijan.

Maiden Tower

Maiden Tower
Maiden Tower

An iconic monument of Baku, the Maiden Tower is among the most popular destinations in Azerbaijan. The stunning view from the top of the tower has Baku’s oldest buildings immediately around you, contrasted by the new constructions happening further away.

Atashgah Fire Temple

Atashgah Fire Temple
Atashgah Fire Temple

The Atashgah Fire Temple is an interesting place of worship found in the town of Surakhany, just outside Baku. This ancient temple has been used by Zororastrians, Hindus and Sikhs throughout the ages.

National Carpet Museum

National Carpet Museum, Azerbaijan
National Carpet Museum, Azerbaijan

The National Carpet Museum of Azerbaijan in Baku showcases the history of carpet making in Azerbaijan. Explore the spectacular patterns and the roots of this intricate craft.

Shaki Museum of History and Local Lore

Shaki Museum of History and Local Lore
Shaki Museum of History and Local Lore

Explore the cultural history of Shaki, which begins long before the formation of modern Azerbaijan. Hear tales of Shahs, Khans and other royalty through the ages, interspersed with the stories of notable residents of the city.

Yanar Dagh

Yanar Dagh
Yanar Dagh

One of Azerbaijan’s most notable natural phenomena, Yanar Dagh offers a unique sight unlike anywhere else on the planet. Learn about the unique history behind these mesmerising flames from the earth.

Mud Volcanoes

Mud Volcanoes
Mud Volcanoes

The mud volcanoes of Azerbaijan are a sight that has to be appreciated in person. The raw power of an eruption is something that only the luckiest travellers get to see.

Bilgah Beach

Bilgah Beach
Bilgah Beach

Located along the coastline near Baku, Bilgah beach and the surrounding area is filled with exciting activities, trendy restaurants and luxurious seaside resorts. Tourists should definitely visit for the stunning beach and vibrant nightlife.


Shahdag National Park
Shahdag National Park

Choosing the best time to visit Azerbaijan is extremely important for an excellent holiday. Azerbaijan experiences extremely hot summers, rain and freezing winters. 

The best time to visit Azerbaijan is from the end of March to the end of June. This time gives you the most freedom to explore not just the cities, but also Azerbaijan’s natural beauty. If one only plans to visit the cities, then the period from October to November can be considered.


Hirkan National Park
Hirkan National Park

Tourism in Azerbaijan is gaining popularity around the world, as the unique culture of this country is very different to that of other European nations. A popular trend is to visit the neighbouring nations of Armenia and Georgia as well.

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Is vegetarian food available in Azerbaijan?

Vegetarian food is widely available in Azerbaijan.

What dress restrictions are there in Azerbaijan?

There are no dress restrictions in Azerbaijan, but certain places may have their own regulations.

Is Azerbaijan safe for travelling?

Azerbaijan is a safe place to travel, but one should be careful of pickpockets in busy areas.

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