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The western state of Rajasthan is considered the tourism capital of India. Packed with a distinct rich local culture, Rajasthan is full of intriguing monuments and stunning landscapes. The best way to immerse yourself in Rajasthani culture is to enjoy a stay at one of a few exclusive heritage hotels in Rajasthan.



Hospitality is a central tenet of Indian culture. Immortalized in the Upanishads, the words “Atithi Devo Bhava” mean “Guest is God”. Experiencing heritage hospitality in Rajasthan will help you fully realise the meaning of those words. 

Historical hotels in Rajasthan provide guests with iconic heritage accommodations, merged seamlessly with modern amenities. Guests can enjoy stunning regional delicacies at the restaurants, prepared by highly skilled chefs. These cultural retreats in Rajasthan are often venues for special exhibitions and performances, giving guests convenient access to these events. 

Royal Palace Hotels In Rajasthan

Royal palace stays in Rajasthan are an excellent way to elevate your experience in the state. These iconic heritage accommodations are more than mere hotels. Rajasthan palace hotels often share a part of the residence of the royal family. These opulent stays in Rajasthan continue to preserve traditions that have been maintained by Indian royalty for centuries.

Rajasthan Havelis

One unique variety of Rajasthan luxury accommodations is called the Haveli. Havelis were constructed for courtiers who were of special prominence, often for important advisors to the King. The best haveli hotels in Rajasthan are not as large as the palaces, but still offer similar features like a central courtyard and surrounding gardens. They also tend to be away from the centre of the city, offering a more meditative setting.

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No two heritage hotels in Rajasthan are the same. Each one of these iconic heritage accommodations has its own unique story and place in history. At Flying Squirrel Holidays, we take care to ensure that our travellers stay at hotels that reflect their interests. While the idea of a heritage hotel may seem appealing on paper, it takes a true connoisseur to truly understand the finer details of these historical hotels in Rajasthan.

The Heritage Attraction

Heritage hotels in Rajasthan, like heritage hotels elsewhere, are sought after mostly for their long standing associations with luxury. However, it must be kept in mind that these accommodations were built many years ago, and in the case of the Royal palace stays in Rajasthan, maybe even centuries ago. 

Magnificent Meets Modern

Modern amenities like electricity, WiFi, and air conditioning have been retrofitted onto these structures to meet modern demands. However, certain amenities like nightclubs, gyms and swimming pools may not be available at these hotels. If you are looking to enjoy a pool party or dance the night away, our travel experts can find a luxury hotel for you. 

Impeccable Service

Those amenities, however, are minor in comparison to the main attraction of these hotels – Rajasthan heritage hospitality. At these hotels, the customer is very literally treated like a king. Guests have access to facilities such as private gardens and golf courses. Special activities like horseback riding, croquet and vintage car rides are available upon request. Exclusive experiences like these keep guests returning to these heritage hotels in Rajasthan.

Experience Exclusivity

Royal palace stays in Rajasthan are an interesting way to experience Rajasthan. Many palaces are still in use, with the Royal family occupying their section of the palace. Guests at these iconic heritage accommodations will get to enjoy all the benefits of living at the palace – incredible central location, access to the massive private lawns and incredible views from sections of the Palace where regular visitors can’t go.

Extraordinary Interiors

Rooms at these heritage hotels in Rajasthan are nothing short of extraordinary. Royal palace stays in Rajasthan are characterised by their tall ceilings and spacious rooms. Furnishings are often vintage, and it is not uncommon to hear that the bed you will be sleeping on is more than a century old. The walls feature artwork gifted to the royal family generations ago. The ceilings feature intricate glass fixtures that have been modified to accommodate bulbs. These small details all combine to create an aura of peace and relaxation.

Heaven In A Haveli

Although palaces may take up the limelight when it comes to talking about heritage hotels in Rajasthan, havelis should not be discounted. Havelis are palatial mansions that were gifted by the Maharaja to persons of importance to the royal family – advisers, generals, merchants etc. More than just status, being gifted a haveli meant that you were of military or political significance in the old days. In the modern era, many of these grand residences have been converted into heritage hotels in Rajasthan.

A Quiet Escape

Havelis present a quieter way to enjoy your stay in Rajasthan luxury accommodations. The best haveli hotels in Rajasthan feature similar amenities to Rajasthan palace hotels, however these tend to be further away from the city. Havelis are also smaller than palaces. They usually have less rooms available, making them more exclusive. However, havelis tend to have less facilities like spas and gyms. Havelis also tend to be family owned, and guests staying at these hotels are pampered with individual attention.

Read on to discover the best heritage hotels in Rajasthan!


Rajasthan Heritage Hotels List


Taj Rambagh Palace

Taj Rambagh Palace


Often appearing at the top of the “Best Hotel” lists, the Rambagh Palace is an icon of heritage hotels in Rajasthan. Completed in 1916, this spectacular palace was the former home of the royal family of Jaipur. Formerly operated by Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II himself, IHCL took ownership of the property in 1972 with his blessing. 

The Stunning Grounds

The 47-acre resort is elaborately decorated, featuring extensive latticework, balustrades, cenotaphs, arches and manicured gardens laid out in the Mughal style. The building is a stunning example of the Indo-Saracenic architectural style. The extension work done on the original structure was overseen by Samuel Swinton Jacob, famed for his work on Albert Hall. The architectural pedigree alone makes this hotel stand out among other royal palace stays in Rajasthan.

Rooms For Royalty

The resort has 45 spacious rooms, complemented by 33 suites for those who truly wish to experience royal luxuries. The suites were used by the royal family as private quarters until the palace was converted into a hotel. The rooms offer stunning views of the sprawling gardens. 

Cuisine For Kings

Guests have an excellent range of dining options. Suvarna Mahal, the original dining room of the royal family, is a highly regarded restaurant serving authentic Rajasthani cuisine. At Steam, guests can enjoy Mediterranean-inspired cuisine while sitting inside a restored steam train or on the Victorian-era platform. The Rajput Room offers guests continental and Indian delicacies in the ambience of the former palace ballroom. Guests can unwind at the scenic Verandah Cafe, overlooking the Mughal-style gardens. The Polo Bar offers expertly created cocktails and an extensive selection of whiskeys, wines and other beverages. 

Exclusive Experiences

Many special experiences are made available to guests. A common practice for guests is to take the heritage tour of the Palace. They are shown around the property, with a guide telling them the stories behind the hotel in its current form. Additionally, guests can request a range of special activities – a game of croquet in the Mughal Gardens, a ride around the property in a vintage car, curated local experiences and more.


Taj Lake Palace

Taj Lake Palace

An icon of Udaipur, this heritage hotel in Rajasthan is straight out of a fairytale. Floating in the waters of Lake Pichola, the Taj Lake Palace is a stunning hotel with a dreamlike location. 

The Royal Origins

The construction of this architectural gem was completed in the year 1746. Originally named Jag Niwas, the palace served as the summer retreat for the royal family of Mewar until 1963, when the property was put in the care of IHCL.

A Masterpiece In Marble

The palace is entirely made of Rajasthani marble. The interiors of the palace feature decorations of semi-precious stones, a feature also seen on ornamental pillars and fountains around the courtyard. Among Rajasthan palace hotels, Taj Lake Palace is one of the few palaces designed by Indians.

Glorious Accommodations

The hotel offers guests a variety of iconic heritage accommodations, a mix of 65 rooms and 18 suites. Most of the rooms offer stunning views over Lake Pichola. The inner rooms of the palace overlook the Lily pond. The suites are the former private chambers of the royal family of Mewar. No two rooms of the palace are exactly alike, and each room offers unique comforts.

Regal Dining

This opulent stay in Rajasthan offers guests a variety of dining options. Neel Kamal offers diners Udaipuri classics along with a selection of Mughlai delights crafted to perfection. Jharokha is a multi-cuisine restaurant with stunning views of Lake Pichola. Amrit Sagar provides guests with a range of the world’s finest spirits and wines. 

Octopussy’s Lair

The dramatic location of the hotel is what convinces travellers to stay here. The hotel has been featured in films over the years, most notably as the lair of the femme fatale Octopussy, of the eponymous James Bond movie. Celebrated German director Fritz Lang featured the property in multiple films over the years. 

Royal Festivities

To go along with its cinematic pedigree, every activity in this hotel is marked with pomp and glamour. Guests arrive at the hotel on boat, and are greeted with a garland ceremony. Each room has its own butler assigned. For day trips, guests have the option of choosing between vintage and modern cars. Cultural performances featuring some of the most acclaimed singers, dancers and musicians in the country are organised at the hotel itself. All of these details come together to give guests an elevated level of luxury that other hotels cannot provide.


Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace

Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace

Of all the heritage hotels in Rajasthan, Umaid Bhawan Palace occupies a special place. Home to the current royal family of Jodhpur, the property is currently considered one of the largest private residences in the world. 

The Royal Story

Built from 1926 to 1943, the palace is constructed in the Beaux Art style, with many sculpted reliefs and intricately decorated pillars throughout the property. The marble used in the palace comes from the same quarries as those used by the builders of the Taj Mahal. The grand staircase leading to the guest rooms above lends a sense of enchantment upon arrival. In recent years, the palace made the news for hosting the wedding of Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra and international pop icon Nick Jonas.


Inside The Palace

The palace offers guests a selection of 22 rooms and 42 suites. Every guest accommodation is meticulously decorated with photographs, artwork and fine upholstery. The high ceilings of the palace add to the grandeur. The attached bathrooms are adorned with black and white makrana marble. These details are what make the hotel remarkable among Rajasthan palace hotels.

Chittar Hill

This royal palace stay in Rajasthan is on Chittar Hill, the highest point of Jodhpur. It is conveniently located near the airport and the central shopping district. Many popular restaurants are nearby. However, due to the size of the property, guests are advised to use a car for any day trip because simply leaving the hotel is a long walk. 

Royal Recreation

This iconic heritage accommodation offers guests incredible levels of individual attention. Guests are welcomed with a short folk song, performed by musicians under the patronage of the royal family. Each room is assigned a rotation of butlers to attend to guest needs around the clock. Guests are given a guided tour of the palace. High tea is served to guests in their rooms. Facilities for squash, tennis and badminton are available to all guests. The hotel also features a games room for indoor games like table tennis, carrom, foosball, billiards and chess. Even more services are offered on request, such as horse riding, vintage car tours and special romantic dinners.


Princes and Princesses

The Palace takes special interest in its younger guests, offering activities like cookie making, kite flying and treasure hunts. Baby-sitting services are also offered, allowing parents to enjoy day trips and children to enjoy the luxurious facilities of the hotel. These facilities make this hotel more capable to meet the needs of new parents over other royal palace stays in Rajasthan.


Mohangarh Fort

Mohangarh Fort


Completed in 1944, the Mohangarh Fort is among the last palaces built in India. Commissioned by Maharawal Jawahir Singh Ji of Jaisalmer for his son, the current head of the royal family, Maharaj Hukam Singh Ji. Built in the Indo-Saracenic style, the palace is a stunning display of the fusion of Indian flair with Western amenities. 


The Magnificient Facade

Made out of the famed golden sandstone of Jaisalmer, the fort towers over the houses of the village of Mohangarh. Featuring a total of 18 rooms, Mohangarh Fort is more of a boutique establishment, compared to other heritage hotels in Rajasthan.

Incredible Interiors

The rooms are spacious and well appointed, with high ceilings. No two rooms are the same, and all the rooms are spread out around the fort. The former private chambers of the Maharawal have been converted into the Maharaja Suite, where one can truly sleep like a king.


The Royal Treatment

The hotel is famous for its Rajasthan heritage hospitality. Valets are available around the clock. The restaurant serves regional delicacies, and the chefs are ready to prepare any kind of food requested by guests. The Trophy Bar is exquisitely decorated with hunting trophies, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the regal past. Performances of folk dance and music are regularly organised at the hotel. 

Regal Appointments

Like other opulent stays in Rajasthan, the hotel features an outdoor swimming pool. The in house spa offers guests traditional ayurvedic massages. Guests can enjoy a game of pool or table tennis in the games room The hotel also houses a private museum, where centuries old weapons are displayed. An observation deck at the highest point of the Fort allows guests to enjoy sunsets and sunrises with a sweeping view of the desert below. 

Majestic Experiences

The hotel is most famous for its well planned excursions into the desert. Guests are accompanied for birdwatching by a local expert, trained in traditional techniques. Guests are given the option of exploring the desert by jeep or on the backs of camels. These experiences make the fort an unique experience among other royal palace stays in Rajasthan.


Shiv Niwas Palace

Shiv Niwas Palace

Located just south of Udaipur’s iconic City Palace, Shiv Niwas Palace is an excellent option for those looking to experience Rajasthan heritage hospitality. Few heritage hotels in Rajasthan can claim the illustrious pedigree of this palace.

The Maharaja’s Guest House

Originally conceived as a royal guesthouse, this heritage hotel in Rajasthan has hosted many famous personalities of the early 20th century, Including King George V. Since then, the palace has continued to host many prominent guests, including Queen Elizabeth II, the Shah of Iran and Jacqueline Kennedy.

Exclusive Accommodations

The palace offers 19 palace rooms, each individually decorated to immerse guests in royal splendour. The suites offer a truly regal experience. 8 terrace suites offer sweeping views of either the city or Lake Pichola. Guests looking for a more private setting can opt for one of the 6 royal suites, previously used by members of the royal family of Mewar. The 3 imperial suites have hosted many illustrious guests, including those mentioned above.

Centre Of The Action

The location of this royal palace stay in Rajasthan makes it convenient for guests who wish to immerse themselves in local culture. The City Palace complex often hosts folk music and dance performances. The nearby market is filled with Rajasthani textiles, handicrafts, spices and other products unique to this part of India.

Regal Relaxation

This iconic heritage accommodation offers excellent amenities, including fitness facilities, a squash court, a billiards room and a swimming pool. The Panghat Spa and Beauty Salon offer ayurvedic beauty treatments and massages. Classical music performances are regularly hosted in the evenings. 

Feast Like A King

This royal palace stay in Rajasthan has excellent dining options available. The hotel is home to Paantya, a multi cuisine restaurant offering traditional Rajasthani dishes alongside continental and mughlai classics. The Pool Deck is a fantastic spot to enjoy light snacks through the day, and elaborate romantic dinners at night. Panera, the in-house bar, offers a wide selection of the finest wines and spirits around the world. The Palki Khana is an european styled cafe in the midst of these regal surroundings,and dinners are accompanied by a sound and light show. 

Excellent Excursions

A short boat ride on Lake Pichola takes guests to Jagmandir island, where the exquisite Darikhana restaurant is situated. This unique restaurant offers a variety of european delicacies, with a special four course meal prepared on request. It shares the island with the Picholi Bar, where guests can sip on their drink of choice while admiring the sweeping view of the city from the middle of Lake Pichola.


Taj Fateh Prakash

Taj Fateh Prakash


The sun-kissed banks of Lake Pichola offer an array of royal palace stays in Rajasthan, however the Taj Fateh Prakash Palace stands out with many unique offerings that neighbouring hotels could only dream of.

A Royal Event

The pedigree of the palace is beyond dispute. It is named after the illustrious Maharana Fateh Singh, the reigning monarch overseeing the construction of the palace. Originally conceived as a venue for royal events, the Fateh Prakash Palace is an extravaganza for the senses.

Serene Surroundings

Constructed in the Indo-Saracenic style popular during the early 20th Century, the palace occupies a serene spot on the northern side of the City Palace complex. Unlike the neighbouring iconic heritage accommodations, the palace offers no views of Udaipur, taking the conscious decision to capitalise on the incredible natural beauty of Lake Pichola and the Aravalli mountains. 

Food For The Senses

The best views of Lake Pichola are offered at the Sunset Terrace, a multi-cuisine restaurant on the first storey. Considered as one of India’s best restaurants, the Sunset Terrace offers a variety of Mewari delicacies alongside Asian and continental classics. The Suryadarshan Bar offers a wide range of options, sure to satisfy the most discerning connoisseurs. 

Stunning Accommodations

Guests have 65 different staying options to choose from, ranging from intricately decorated rooms to luxuriously curated suites. No two rooms are alike, each featuring its own special charms – from the layout to the choice of art and upholstery. 

Durbar Hall

The main attraction of this iconic heritage accommodation remains the Durbar Hall, the original focal point of the palace. The hall is reserved for events only, however, guests staying at the Fateh Prakash Palace are allowed a few moments to absorb the majestic interiors. Seven chandeliers illuminate the massive hall. The centrepiece is the one ton chandelier, flanked on either side by slightly smaller, 800 kilo versions of the same. In the corners, four 200-kilo chandeliers ensure that every inch of the hall is lit with the unique glow that only fine crystal provides.

Crystal Gallery

Another unique attraction of this opulent stay in Rajasthan is the Crystal Gallery, home to over 200 pieces crafted by F & C Osler, the preferred glassmaker of the British Crown. Originally commissioned by Maharana Sajjan Singh, the bulk of these creations were completed after his passing. It is one of the largest private collections of crystal items in the world.


Chomu Palace

Chomu Palace

Royal palace stays in Rajasthan are not limited to the urban centres of Jaipur and Udaipur. The Chomu Palace near the town of Chomu provides exceptional luxuries for those seeking heritage hotels in Rajasthan.

Stunning Heritage

The Palace originally began as a fort, constructed during the 16th century. Over the years, many modifications to the original structure have occurred. The most extensive of these modifications was the conversion of the fort into a palace, taking place in 1901. The Palace prides itself on ensuring that the rooms continue to maintain their turn-of-the-century appearance. 


The “Bhool Bhulaiya Hotel”

The main claim to fame of this opulent stay in Rajasthan is its appearance in many Bollywood movies over the years. Many notable scenes from blockbuster films were shot here, including Bhool Bhulaiya and Arya. It is popularly known around India as the “Bhool Bhulaiya Hotel”.

A Range of Choices

Guests have a choice of over 70 rooms and suites. These range from cosy ground floor rooms to elaborate royal suites. For weddings, the bride and groom are offered special suites known as the Maharani and Maharaja suites. These suites offer special decorations, with the theme of royal weddings.

A Royal Feast

Despite its remote location, this iconic heritage accommodation offers guests an exquisite spread at the Darbar Hall. The restaurant features regional delicacies along with continental and North Indian cuisines. The hall itself is elaborately decorated with photographs of previous monarchs, intricately carved pillars, arches and chandeliers.  The hotel’s bar, Sheesh Mahal, is a spectacular spot for guests to unwind over a few drinks. The bar is intricately decorated with crystal, latticework and intricate frescoes on the walls and ceiling. 

Regal Appointments

Guests can also enjoy the various amenities offered at the hotel. The large outdoor swimming pool and adjoining children’s pool make a perfect spot for guests to enjoy quality time together. Ayurvedic massages are available upon request. A badminton court is also available for guests to use.


The Chomu Palace offers excellent heritage accommodations outside of a major urban center. Those looking for a mixture of luxury and seclusion will surely get the most out of a stay at this rare gem.


Taj Jai Mahal Palace

Taj Jai Mahal Palace

One of Jaipur’s most sought-after hotels, the Taj Jai Mahal Palace has been a benchmark of heritage hotels in Rajasthan. Completed in 1745, the palace has been an icon for the city of Jaipur, with its distinctive L shaped layout and vast, manicured gardens.

An Archtectural Icon

One of the hallmark buildings of the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture. The layout of the palace continues to influence modern day designs throughout the world. This palace is one of the last buildings that was designed by Vidyadhar, the legendary architect of Jaipur.

A major draw of this iconic heritage accommodation is the location. A half an hour drive from the airport brings guests to Jaipur’s vibrant city centre, where the palace is located. The palace is right next to many of Jaipur’s finest restaurants and shopping malls, making it a convenient spot for people who enjoy making spontaneous plans. Attractions such as the Amber Fort, Albert Hall and Hawa Mahal are all half an hour away. 

Spectacular Grounds

Spread over 18 acres, the palace features stunning Mughal-style gardens, perfect for romantic walks. The sprawling lawns can accommodate events for up to 2500 people.  An unique sight in the lawns is the giant chessboard with pieces that are up to 4 feet tall.

Regal Rooms, To Your Specifications

This iconic heritage accommodation in Rajasthan has 100 rooms, ranging from deluxe rooms to extravagant suites. Each room features a traditional Rajasthani miniature, painted by a local artist under the patronage of the royal family. The 6 suites are each uniquely themed to reflect unique aspects of Jaipur. This opulent stay in Rajasthan offers a wide range of customisation options. These range from how you wish to be received at the palace, all the way to how your mattress feels. This attention to detail allows guests to maximise their comfort.

Royal Passtimes

This iconic heritage accommodation offers a wide range of amenities. A spa is available to guests, offering everything from basic beauty treatments to ayurvedic massages. The swimming pool has an adjoining children’s pool so families can enjoy a swim together during the hot summers. The palace makes full use of the lawns, facilitating games of football and cricket for guests. A badminton court is also available. The games room features classics such as billiards and table tennis as well as video games.

A Kingly Feast

Dining options at the hotel include Cinnamon, offering Rajasthani and Mughlai delicacies. Giardino is an Italian restaurant focusing on seasonal delicacies. The Marble Arch is a multi-cuisine restaurant overlooking the lawns. The Marigold Bar offers guests a wide selection of the world’s finest spirits and cigars.


Raj Palace

Raj Palace

While this may be the oldest palace on our list, the Raj Palace of Jaipur is the newest hotel on this list. Opening its doors in 2013, the Raj Palace has gained popularity worldwide as a luxury boutique hotel. 

The Heart Of Jaipur

Located at the heart of Jaipur, the hotel is a short drive away from the popular attractions of the city. Hawa Mahal is a ten minute drive away. It takes about half an hour to reach the hotel from the airport. Major shopping malls are within walking distance. 

Rooms Fit For A King

Completed in 1727, this opulent stay in Rajasthan features 50 rooms. No two rooms are alike, and each room features furnishings from centuries past. Each room is decorated with custom-made upholstery and furnishings. This royal palace stay in Rajasthan is known for its museum suites, making it the only hotel in the world with in-suite museums. These are mostly crockery pieces, weapons and personal belongings of the Thakurs.

The Presidential Suite

The most stunning experience is the presidential suite. Covering four stories, every bit of the experience is superlative. The former private chambers of the Prime Minister of Jaipur, it is the only Rajasthan luxury accommodation on this list that will not only make you feel like royalty, but 18th century royalty. 

The walls of the presidential suite are covered in traditional Rajasthani floral patterns, with gold leaf accents. The ceilings feature frescoes with gold leaf accents as well. The reception room of the suite features sofas and chairs with silver frames, a remnant of centuries past. The bedrooms feature extra large double beds with ultra modern hypoallergenic, antibacterial orthopaedic mattresses that are placed on the same silver bed frames used by the former Prime Minister himself. The bathroom fittings are easily mistaken for intricately engraved silver sculptures. The private museum has all sorts of antiques, from crystal statuettes to the throne once used by the regent.

The Royal Spread

With three restaurants and a bar on the property, guests can always find something to suit their mood. The Royal Lounge offers continental delicacies, with a few seasonal Indian options available as well. Swapna Mahal features an elegant setting that mimics colonial settings, with a menu of Rajasthani classics mixed in with a few continental choices. The Kebab Shop is focused on Mughlai cuisine and is only open for dinner.

Amenities Fit For Kings

Amenities on offer at the palace cover everything expected for a hotel of this class. An outdoor swimming pool is available, however it should be noted that there is no children’s pool. A gym with modern fitness equipment is available to guests. A private cinema theatre is available for meetings and special occasions. 


RAAS Devigarh

RAAS Devigarh


Perched atop a hill of the famed Aravali range, RAAS Devigarh is a shining example of modern comforts and traditional Rajasthani architecture. Formerly known as the Delwara Fort Palace, this 18th century palace opened its doors to travellers in 1999.

Incredible Location

The hotel is perfect for those looking for seclusion. The hotel is slightly outside Udaipur city limits. It is near the town of Delwara, renowned for its early Jain Temples. Combined with the elevation, the hotel provides sweeping views of the Aravali mountains and the valley below. 

Stunning Suites

The hotel features 39 suites, each with their unique features. The Garden Suites feature views of the palace grounds. The Aravali Suites have stunning views of the Aravali range. The Palace Suites offer guests excellent views of Delwara and the mountains with attached courtyards. 

The Devigarh Complex

The highlight of this heritage hotel in Rajasthan is the Devigarh Complex, with two bedrooms and a private swimming pool. A private table by the suite’s pool can be organised on request, allowing guests to enjoy a meal with an exquisite view of the Aravali range. 

Breathtaking Amenities

This heritage accommodation features a wide range of amenities, each enhanced by the picturesque location. The gym features stunning views of the Aravali mountains. The pool also offers a dramatic setting, with the Aravali mountains in three directions and the Palace behind. 

The Royal Spread

Dining options at the hotel are comparatively limited, with a single multi-cuisine restaurant fulfilling the needs of all guests. It should be noted that the hotel is always ready to demonstrate their outdoor dining prowess, and offers multiple venues for dining on request. This includes Sheesh Mahal, featuring hand-decorated mirrors from the time of the Fort’s completion. The Kothar Bar takes care of all beverages, from morning coffee to a strong nightcap. 

A Place of Mindfulness

A major draw of the hotel is its focus on wellness. Multiple wellness treatments are offered at the hotel, including a consultation with a doctor. Yoga and meditation sessions are organised every morning. The kitchen is also equipped to cater to special diets, although prior intimation is recommended to ensure a seamless experience. 


Enjoy Timeless Charm with a Touch of Modern Convenience

Heritage hotels in Rajasthan are magical places, where ancient traditions and modern lifestyles converge. Each provides unique environments where guests can unwind, relax and reflect on the experiences they had that day. 

Grand heritage hotels are held to the highest standards in India. Heritage hotels in Rajasthan are at the forefront of creating incredible moments for guests, from proposals to weddings. 

Maintain Your Fitness Schedule

Gym equipment is meticulously maintained, and fitness consultants regularly inspect the facilities to maximise appeal and functionality while keeping operating costs at a minimum. Pools are designed to cater to the fitness-obsessed and casual users. Heating and cleaning are taken very seriously, as December and January is the peak season for tourism in Rajasthan. 

Relax Your Mind

Wellness is a major focus for most heritage hotels, and most luxury properties offer ayurvedic treatments. These include consultations with wellness specialists, who prescribe treatments based on the needs of the guest. Spas and beauty treatments are also offered for guests looking for a less involved experience.

Customise Your Experience

Accommodations are the main concern of any guest staying at a heritage hotel in Rajasthan. 

Rooms at heritage hotels in Rajasthan are a delicate balance between maintaining authenticity and modern necessities. Heritage hotels in Rajasthan pride themselves on offering opulent staying options with a wide range of customization options. Guests can customize options such as meals, activities and room arrangements. 

The most popular customization is the reception. A favourite for first time visitors is being welcomed with an elaborate reception ceremony, featuring garlands and live musical performances. Another popular option is to have a meal at a private dining venue, with elaborate decorations. 

Regal Ambience

With any heritage property, establishing the ambiance is the most important aspect of creating a larger-than-life experience. Royal palace stays in Rajasthan often feature live folk or classical musicians, lending an air of celebration or sophistication as required. The atmospheric lighting of the lawns and common areas gives these heritage hotels in Rajasthan their mystical appearance at night. The combination of the lighting and music create an environment that relaxes the senses, enabling guests to enjoy the moment.



With so many unique choices for heritage hotels in Rajasthan, it may be difficult to make a decision. When it comes to hotels, the smallest details can make the biggest difference. Your choice of stay can transform a good holiday into a great one. Here are a few tips for choosing the right heritage hotel in Rajasthan for you.


  1. Identify what is most important to you: Before choosing the perfect hotel for your holiday, it is essential to understand your own needs. Make a list of services and amenities without which you can’t be satisfied. These may include accessibility, proximity to attractions, access to a gym, etc. This will help you to eliminate any hotels that don’t meet your needs.
  2. Always check for basic services: Air conditioning, 24 hour front desk service, and wifi cannot be disregarded. After the pandemic, hotels around the world have reconsidered their offerings. These have affected every single hotel around the world. Staying at hotels without these services is no different to staying at a hostel. A good hotel should enable you to enjoy your holiday, not force you to conform to their schedule.
  3. Customizations: Always check if the hotel is willing to make any adjustments for your convenience. This includes early check in, late check out, bedding options, and in-room inclusions. This will give you an idea of the service you can expect on arrival.
  4. Location: Choose a hotel close to the part of the city which you plan on visiting. This is dependent on the reason for your visit. If you plan on visiting an event, choose a hotel nearby. If you’re there to see the major attractions, choose a hotel near them. Nearby shops will help you get snacks and essentials without having to worry about being overcharged. Nearby restaurants will provide alternative dining options.
  5. Check The Latest Reviews: Online reviews are a double edged sword. They remain unchanged forever, although the hotel is constantly changing. Reviews posted over a year before the day you are checking may not reflect the conditions when you arrive. Always check the review date for any review.
  6. Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy: Most holidays are planned well in advance, but life can take an unexpected turn anytime. This is why it is best to be clear about the policies regarding changing the dates of your stay and canceling outright. 
  7. Loyalty and Rewards Programs: If you are a member of existing loyalty and rewards programs, consider choosing a hotel that is part of that program. You will get all the member benefits while you visit, and it will add to your reward points for future holidays.



Heritage hotels in Rajasthan allow you to immerse yourself in the times of the Rajputana. The idea of staying in a palace is a dream shared by many, and these hotels allow you to live the dream. 

Royal Standards

These opulent stays in Rajasthan offer guests nothing but the best. The restaurants in these iconic heritage accommodations are staffed by the most renowned chefs in the country. The lawns and gardens are maintained to retain their regal appearance. The rooms are a delicate balance of historic splendor and modern comforts. 

Rajasthani Hospitality

Heritage hotels in Rajasthan are made to showcase the best of Rajasthani hospitality. They are renowned for creating special moments and are famous for hosting weddings for celebrities. These royal palace stays are renowned for their special services, making them ideal for honeymoons and anniversaries. 

For those looking to experience the essence of royalty, there is no better way than choosing a heritage hotel in Rajasthan. Luxury travel in India reaches new heights with Rajasthan’s heritage hotels, promising a captivating fusion of opulence, tradition, and unrivaled elegance.  Flying Squirrel Holidays will help you find the perfect hotel for you, and create hassle-free experiences that you will cherish forever. 

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