Skydiving – 15 Best Airbnbs in Brussels, Belgium (2023 Edition)

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When you think of all the artisan chocolate, fine beer, and stunning architecture that Belgium is famous for, it’s easy to understand why people flock to the capital territory of Brussels. Both a geographical and a political center for Belgium, the city of Brussels is on many a traveler’s must-see list. 

Whether you’re hoping to sample as much of the local fare as you can find or you just want to marvel at the picturesque buildings all covered in snow, you’ll need an excellent place to stay for your time in this historic city. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best Airbnbs in Brussels. These Airbnbs are run by superhosts, hosts with an excellent record of service and lots of good reviews. This allows us to be sure we’re only showing you the very best. Additionally, some are members of Airbnb Plus, and their rentals have received in-person inspections by a member of the Airbnb team to ensure quality.

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Photo: Courtesy of Airbnb

Historic Townhouse Apartment

Located in the city center, this beautiful townhouse has original details dating back to its construction in 1834. However, the current décor is sleek and modern, giving you a taste of both worlds. It has room for up to two guests, making it a great option for solo travelers, friends, or couples who want a little bit of history to themselves.

The bedroom has a king-size bed, nature and bird décor in sunny colors, and marble-topped tables with wall-mounted lights. A window looks out on the city beyond, and room-darkening curtains provide privacy. Heading down a miniflight of stairs built into the wall, you’ll find yourself in the tiled bathroom. The countertop and sink are built into the same wall, and the bathtub is on one end of the room with the walk-in shower on the other. 

In the kitchen, a black backsplash frames a long countertop. There’s a coffee maker, stove, and microwave to allow you to do basic cooking. A round dining table has three padded yellow leather seats that provide a place to eat, work, or play cards with friends. An artsy lamp stands in the corner, and another is mounted on the ceiling. In the living room, the tone is set with leather furniture, an intricately patterned rug, and lots of plants. A TV stands against one wall, and there’s a mosaic coffee table. 

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Vibrant, Artistic Apartment

If you’re hoping to stay in a place with personality, this Brussels Airbnb, located in the Marolles neighborhood, has warm pops of color added expertly into the details of every room. On top of that, it’s filled with natural light and can accommodate up to four people. 

There are two bedrooms in this apartment, each with a queen-size bed. If you have fewer than three people, the first bedroom is included and the second is available for a small extra charge, but if you have three or more in your party, then the second bedroom is included as well. The first bedroom has a Smart TV and a sound system that’ll take movie night to the next level. The bed has multicolor geometric bedding that gives the room a fun and lively feeling. In the second bedroom, the bed has striped bedding in sunset colors. The bathroom has a glass-door walk-in shower with an adjustable rain-style showerhead, and the tiles have a whimsical patchwork quilt look to them.

In the living room, mismatched chairs provide a comfortable place for everyone, and the potted plants and flowers mix with the yellow curtains and pastel rug to make a calm but cheerful atmosphere. In the kitchen, a stove, coffee maker, electric kettle, fridge, and microwave are all available. A dining nook sits next to a window for lots of sunshine, and it has more mismatched chairs that come in a white-and-blush and brown-and-yellow assortment. 

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Plant-Lover’s Apartment With City Views

You might be looking for short-term apartment rentals in Brussels because you’re hoping for a place that provides a great vantage point to look out over the beautiful city. This apartment is an amazing option for that, as the many windows and large balcony all look out for miles in a nearly panoramic experience. 

The kitchen in this beautiful Brussels Airbnb has striking bright red and stainless-steel furnishings, and a standard arrangement of appliances plus plenty of seasonings and tools for cooking. Plants are integrated into the space, the greens contrasting with the red and creating an energetic feel. The formal dining room seats six at the glass-top table, and gorgeous polished stone hangs on the wall. Outside, the patio-sized balcony has a table with two chairs and lots of room for people to take in the city view. 

The plant-lover theme is continued in the living room, where there are more potted plants plus a wall decorated with a soft grayscale forest scene. A couch holds as many throw pillows as it can fit, so you’ll be sure that everyone is as comfy as possible. There is also a reclining chair and two sets of nesting tables. There are two bedrooms in this home, one with a queen-size bed and the other with a double bed. They both have a mostly white and natural wood décor scheme, with tiny hints of red accents. The bathroom is all white tile, with a sleek round mirror, bright lighting, and a glass walk-in shower. And if you’re working while traveling, you’ll love the spacious study, where you’ll find a desk and chair, monitor, bookshelf, and lounge space. 

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Bird’s Nest Apartment

This is another of the best Brussels Airbnbs with a view, and it gets the name Bird’s Nest Apartment from its high vantage point and panoramic sights. It has an artistic atmosphere created by reclaimed and upcycled pieces, and can accommodate up to four guests.

At the entrance of this apartment is a library with a small desk and stool for working or reading. In the main part of the apartment, there are two bedrooms. One has a queen-size bed, a wicker reading chair, and a bit of industrial-chic style with worn wood and metal furnishings. The other has a double bed, engineering diagrams used as wall art, and lots of red accents. Most of the bathroom is done in straight lines and crisp whites, and a walk-in shower has a futuristic-looking adjustable showerhead. 

In the full kitchen, a large compartmentalized shelf along one wall holds everything from forks and knives to coffee, condiments, and cooking tools. A glass-top table seats four in the dining room, while a tall floor lamp stands next to a potted plant and illuminates the space. In the living room, there is a navy blue couch with lots of pillows and a second work desk that faces a mirror and is surrounded by plants. The balcony patio has lots of seating plus even more plants, and the city sprawls out underneath you.

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Beautiful, Luminous Apartment

Many travelers look for vacation apartments for rent in Brussels that are just the right size for one or two people to enjoy. Sometimes, having many large, spacious rooms just means more space to misplace your phone or keys, and an intimate, cozy home is more your speed. If that’s the case, then you’ll definitely want to check out this Brussels Airbnb. 

In the living room, sheer curtains diffuse sunlight that pours in through large windows. A plush white rug sits under a tan couch, brown armchair, coffee table, and TV stand. Tall glass doors lead out to a balcony with a table and chairs. A second dining table inside has a black-and-white color scheme and seats four people. A chest of drawers on one wall holds a chart of the solar system for decoration and a radio for ambient background music. To the other side is a staircase.

Heading up the stairs will lead you to the loft, where a double bed, a side table, a chest of drawers, and a skylight create a sunny bedroom space. Across from the staircase is a door that leads to the bathroom. Here, the room is a crisp, clean white with black tiles in the walk-in shower. There’s also a round mirror with vanity lighting to help you look your best.

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Spacious and Colorful Flat

If you’re searching for rental apartments in Brussels that are near the city center and therefore within walking distance of many popular destinations, this color-filled and art-focused apartment is a great option. It has room for up to two guests and is completely private, making it an excellent getaway. 

In the bedroom, you’ll find a bed that sleeps two nestled into a cutout in the wall, with an overhead light perfect for some reading. A frosted glass door leads to the bathroom, where there’s a tiled bath-and-shower combo with glass doors. The sink and mirror stand against a deep purple accent wall. 

In the living room, a dark leather couch faces a TV, and a plush bright yellow armchair and simple royal blue bucket seat provide both color and extra seating space. Bright, bold lines make up the rug and wallpaper as well, and contemporary art hangs on the wall. The kitchenette is small but has a stove, oven, dishwasher, fridge, microwave, and coffee maker. A dining area right next to the kitchen consists of an orange table, red chairs, and a geometric rug. Outside, a cozy patio holds a table and two chairs, providing a private place to relax and enjoy a little sun. 

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Bright and Modern Rooftop Apartment

Sifting through the many vacation rentals in Brussels to find one that’s stylish and truly unique can be a challenge, but this bright apartment’s black-and-white color scheme, bird’s-eye-view, and slanted roof windows all add to its appeal and make it pop. It’s designed to be ideal for couples, though any one- or two-person party would certainly enjoy the space.

The terrace of this Airbnb in Brussels is a crowning gem, with light wood bringing a warmth to the space and a view of gorgeous city rooftops and church spires. Inside, the kitchen has a stove, oven, fridge, and coffee maker lined up on white countertops with a black backsplash. A wooden cutting board folds open on the counter, and wall-mounted metal shelves hold coffee and other basics. A breakfast bar has both the sink and space for two people to sit for meals. Square windows on the slanted low roof let in lots of sun without compromising privacy. 

In the bathroom, another window provides natural sunlight above the bowl sink. The walk-in shower has brushed concrete walls and an adjustable rain-style showerhead. In the bedroom, shelves hold books to relax with and a map for decoration, and the large bed is situated directly under another slanted skylight window. 

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Sunny Studio Apartment

When a city is as historic as this one, many buildings have been repurposed over the years and residents can get extremely clever with their use of space in a home. This Airbnb in Brussels is a studio apartment but uses the space available efficiently and expertly to provide a comfortable and relaxing retreat for up to three guests.

The living room has a long gray couch that pulls out into a sofa bed. It sits atop a cream rug with black geometric accents. Side tables and a coffee table provide places to set drinks, a large round mirror on the wall helps the space feel more open, and a TV stands in one corner. Nearby is the dining room area, where a round table is surrounded by three bucket chairs. A kitchenette has all the basic appliances to cook a great breakfast or dinner, including a stove, oven, microwave, fridge, kettle, and coffee maker.

A slatted room divider helps separate the bedroom from the rest of the studio while still allowing the TV to be visible from the bed as well as the living room. The double bed has white sheets and lots of extra pillows, and sits close to the huge floor-to-ceiling glass windows that allow sunlight to pour in and provide an amazing view of the stars at night. In the all-white bathroom, a shower-and-tub combo has an adjustable showerhead, and laundry facilities are also provided.

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Warm and Homey Duplex

If you’re looking for an Airbnb in Brussels that has a home-away-from-home feel and an inviting atmosphere, this duplex apartment delivers exactly that. It has golden lighting, familiar furnishings, and space for up to four guests. 

When renting an apartment in Brussels, it’s important that everyone in your party has enough room to sleep comfortably, and with both a sofa bed in the living room and a king-size bed in the bedroom, this apartment does the job. The sofa bed folds out from a sectional so comfy that you might just doze off on the couch itself. It sits in front of a TV with a view out half-frosted windows that help provide privacy. The king-size bed occupies a cozy bedroom with a small window, cabinets, shelves, and a hanging closet for personal effects. A plush yellow chair to one side would make a fantastic spot to read, talk on the phone, or just relax. 

In the bathroom, a walk-in shower has a rain-style showerhead and shelves hold colorful towels. A work desk in the hallway has a chair, floor lamp, radio, and lots of reading material. The hallway leads to the kitchen, where a stove, oven, coffee maker, kettle, microwave, and fridge are available and a white table and four chairs create a dining space. Throughout the apartment, photographs and magazines are used to add color without overfilling the space, making for a homey atmosphere. 

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Classic and Comfortable Studio

This studio apartment is an excellent option for one or two travelers looking to stay in a simple and stylish location near the metro. A traditional modern apartment, it has classic and familiar features that’ll ensure your comfort and peace of mind.

One of the coolest spaces in this studio is a fenced-in terrace sitting area. A wicker chair and table set provides a place to sit and enjoy the view with a cup of coffee or glass of wine. Potted plants in the sunlight help bring the outdoor area to life. Inside the living room, a classic gray couch sits across from a TV. The dining space is here as well, with mismatched black plastic and clear acrylic bucket chairs around a round white table. In the kitchenette, a microwave, stove, and coffee maker are ready to help you make a tasty breakfast. 

The bed has extra pillows and blankets and can sleep two people. It rests under photography collages on the wall that bring color to the room. The bathroom has a glass door walk-in shower and floral blue wallpaper. An adjustable magnifying mirror mounted on the wall will help make sure you look your very best. Throughout the home, thoughtful additional details – candy jars, boxes of tea, and maps and brochures for finding your way through the city – take this Airbnb in Brussels from good to great.

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Vintage-Themed Suite

This apartment in the heart of the city has been thoughtfully curated and designed to have a vintage-inspired feeling and to cater to the needs of business travelers and tourists looking to get the most out of their visit to Brussels. 

The kitchen in this apartment has a teal backsplash and light wood countertops. A stove, oven, fridge, dishwasher, kettle, coffee maker, and toaster are all provided. A round white dining table with orange chairs is placed nearby. A second smaller table stands against one wall and holds an antique-style globe. In the living room, an oversized black leather couch with stained wood backing faces a TV, and a large wooden desk with a metal lamp creates a productive-feeling workspace. 

A double bed is situated next to the bedroom’s large window that allows you to wake up with the sun but has room-darkening curtains if you prefer. Nightstands with poseable reading lamps stand on either side of the bed, and a wicker chandelier hangs overhead. The bathroom is connected to the bedroom and has a glass-door walk-in shower with a geometric black-and-tan tile pattern. 

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Preserved Apartment in Historic Building

High ceilings, open spaces, and pops of color create an airy and uncrowded environment in this historic rental. It can accommodate up to four guests in a crisp and clean atmosphere. 

The living room of this Airbnb in Brussels has tall windows that let light flood in over the white sectional couch, a mountain of colorful pillows, and a cowskin rug. The wall-mounted TV has streaming services and a game console to help pass the time on rainy days. As you step into the kitchen, you’ll be met with glossy and sleek cabinetry and all the basic appliances. A round table and four chairs constructed of dark honey-colored wood stand in the formal dining room next to an indoor fireplace and under an artsy floral chandelier. 

There are two bedrooms in this home. One is white with bright floral accents on the quilt of the queen-size bed and in the curtains over the balcony’s glass door. The second bedroom has a blue-and-black accent wall and a queen-size bed with bedding done up in the same colors. The bathroom has a soaking tub, a double vanity with an enormous mirror, and a heated towel rack for added comfort. If you’re working while on the road, the writing desk is located in a gorgeous hallway with floor-to-ceiling windows to provide plenty of lighting for your video calls.

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Stylish Minimalist Apartment

Sometimes a grand, fancy place to stay is just a bit overwhelming. Instead, this is one of the best Airbnb rentals in Brussels for people who favor clean, open spaces and minimalist style.

This apartment has one bedroom with a queen-size bed that sits in a bright white room with a three-pane window that lets in sun and gives a view of the greenery outside. Simple side tables of black metal and natural wood hold lamps on either side. The bathroom has a glass-door shower with a rain-style adjustable showerhead, and a heated towel rack will help you stay relaxed and cozy when you’re done. 

In the kitchen, the gas oven and stove allow for meal preparation, and a toaster and coffee maker are also available. A dining nook between the kitchen and living room has a table and two sunshine-yellow chairs across from the TV and fireplace. Nearby, a lounge can double as both a couch and a great place to take a nap, and a big window looks across to the delicately sculpted balcony railings and gorgeous architecture of the buildings nearby. 

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Sleek and Sparkling Loft

Nothing says sparkling clean like shiny white walls and floors and light-colored furniture. If you want to be sure your Brussels Airbnb is one of the brightest and cleanest around, you’ll want to check out this rental.

There are two bedrooms in this apartment, the first with a queen-size bed and the second with a sofa that converts into a single bed. In the first, floor-to-ceiling windows flank a glass door that leads outside, and sheer curtains provide privacy while still letting in the light. On the other side of the room, a glass door separates the bedroom from the shower, while a curtain can be drawn for privacy or left open to let in natural sunlight. The rest of the bathroom is all white, with an adjustable showerhead and kid-friendly décor. The second bedroom has glossy walls and natural wood accents. 

In the kitchen, a breakfast bar with chairs stands next to the stovetop inlaid into gray counters. The living room is visible from here, with a sectional couch covered in colorful throw pillows, a TV, a floor lamp for the evenings, and more tall windows that look out over the city.

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19th-Century Duplex Apartment

This duplex is small and simple, newly renovated, and located in the center of the city in a 19th-century building. It’s private and clean, and perfect for one or two guests.

The bedroom in this apartment is located upstairs. A slanted skylight on the inclined roof shines light onto the queen-size bed. Across from the bedroom is the bathroom, where a glass-door walk-in shower also stands under a slanted skylight. These windows provide natural light without compromising privacy.

Downstairs, the living room has a black futon-style couch, a wicker chair, a coffee table, a lamp, and a window from which you can watch the city hustle and bustle. A round white table with brown chairs acts as a dining nook or workspace. A stove, oven, fridge, and coffee maker are provided in the kitchen, where there are natural wood countertops and bright lighting. 

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Whether traveling for business, to visit family, or just to see the sights, there’s something for everyone in Belgium. When heading to the capital, you’re sure to find a great place to stay among the best Airbnbs in Brussels so that you can truly enjoy your time there. 

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