Skydiving – 3 Days in Jasper in Summer: The Perfect Jasper Itinerary

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Welcome to the picturesque paradise of Jasper, where the Canadian Rockies offer an awe-inspiring backdrop for your summer getaway! Nestled in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Jasper National Park, this charming mountain town beckons with its incredible attractions and abundant wildlife. From powerful waterfalls and challenging hikes to relaxing hot springs and boat cruises, we have crafted the perfect Jasper summer itinerary so that you and your crew can embark on an unforgettable adventure in the Canadian Rockies. So what are you waiting for? Start scrolling to find out how to get the most out of three days in Jasper! 

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Best Time to Visit Jasper in Summer

Summertime is arguably the best time to visit Jasper as the warm weather offers a seemingly endless list of activities and attractions. However, the best time to visit Jasper in the summer really depends on what you’re planning to get out of your vacation. Summer is the busiest season in Jasper, with the town’s population increasing by nearly 15,000 people. So if you’re looking to avoid crowds of tourists, your best bet is to steer clear of weekends in Jasper and book a mid-week getaway to avoid sold-out attractions/tours and to have more options for accommodation. A mid-week getaway also helps you avoid the weekend traffic of locals and tourists making their way to and from Jasper, which can get quite busy since there are only three roads that lead in and out of the town! Alternatively, if you want to be around when the town’s buzzing with action, then visit on a weekend or close to one of Jasper’s summer events like Canada Day (July 1) or the Jasper Folk Music Festival (September 6-7). 

Those who want to take full advantage of the hottest weather Jasper has to offer should consider booking their vacation in July as it’s the warmest month in the area with an average daily maximum temperature of 22.5 degrees Celsius (72.5 degrees Fahrenheit). This is a great time to explore the famed mountain trails as there won’t be any snow or ice on the hiking or biking paths. Snow and ice can usually still be found on the highest alpine trails well into June and snow begins to form on them again starting at the beginning of September.

How to Get to Jasper

Getting to Jasper can be quite the task seeing as the town is roughly a four-hour drive from Edmonton and the nearest airport. There are a few different ways to go about getting to Jasper and we’ll dive into some of the pros and cons of each route. 

The easiest and most direct way to get to Jasper is by car. We highly recommend tourists who don’t have their own car book a rental car through It filters through thousands of websites and rental prices to present you with the absolute best deals available. A rental car gives you the freedom to explore Jasper National Park at your own pace and reach attractions otherwise not accessible by public transit or taxi. However, parking in Jasper during the summer months can be described as nothing short of a nightmare, so visitors with cars will want to ensure they book accommodation that includes parking. Alternatively, tourists can rent a car in Calgary, Banff, or Edmonton, and then return the vehicle in Jasper later that day, which is the most budget-friendly route for groups of three or more traveling together.

Another option is to book transportation to and from Jasper with SunDog Tours. SunDog Tours is the only bus company offering transportation to/from Jasper from Calgary, Edmonton, and Banff, as Greyhound left Canada in 2021. SunDog Tours offers daily rides in a comfortable air-conditioned shuttle that will drop you off right at the door of your accommodation in Jasper or tourists can opt to book a private car transfer with SunDog.

The last route to consider is traveling to Jasper by train via the Edmonton VIA Train Station. While this is certainly the most relaxing and beautiful way to get to Jasper, it is also the least flexible and takes around six hours. Trains to Jasper are only offered on Wednesdays and Saturdays, while trains from Jasper to Edmonton are only offered on Tuesdays and Saturdays. There are no trains that leave from Calgary to Jasper unless routed through Edmonton. 

Scenic Icefields Pkwy traveling through Banff and Jasper National Park in Canada
© miroslav_1 | Depositphotos

How to Get Around Jasper

You may be wondering whether it’s necessary to have a car in Jasper for your holiday. While it’s highly convenient to have one so you can explore at your own pace, it isn’t necessary. Jasper introduced its first public bus service in the summer of 2023, offering visitors and tourists a budget-friendly way to explore the park and town. The town also has a plethora of hiking and biking trails leading from Jasper to several nearby attractions, along with two local taxi services. Many of the tours available in Jasper also come with transportation to and from the town. 

Where to Stay in Jasper

If you only have 72 hours in Jasper, then you’ll want to ensure you are booking accommodation that fits your itinerary. Groups without a vehicle might want to consider staying in town close to attractions or along public bus routes, while those with vehicles will definitely want to book accommodation with on-site parking. 

Pyramid Lake Lodge offers a peaceful natural setting with all the bells and whistles of top-notch accommodation. This rustic lakeside retreat is located a 15 minute drive from Jasper but has a bus stop right beside the parking lot, making it ideal for those seeking solace in nature. Visitors can utilize the fantastic on-site amenities, such as outdoor fire pits, kayak and canoe rentals, bike rentals, a restaurant, a gym, and lakeside Muskoka chairs. This pet-friendly lodge also boasts several hiking and biking trails right on its doorstep.

For those looking for more budget-friendly accommodation, you can’t go wrong with Jasper Downtown Hostel. Located in the heart of the town, this fantastic hostel offers amenities like a communal kitchen, equipment storage lockers, laundry facilities, and an outdoor patio. Both private and shared rooms are available, and guests are conveniently only steps away from restaurants and shops. 

If relaxing in a rooftop hot tub with a blanket of stars above you and the mountains in front of you sounds like your cup of tea, then book a room at Whistler’s Inn. This lovely downtown hotel offers two rooftop hot tubs, along with an on-site restaurant and bar, a billiards table, and soundproof rooms. 

For those who would prefer to have more homey comforts during their vacation in Jasper, then checkout some of the rentals available on Airbnb!

Aerial view of Pyramid Lake in Jasper, Canada
© Tourism Jasper | Mike Gere

Tips For Visiting Jasper in Summer

Jasper is a beautiful and unique place, and we want to make sure you have the most amazing and seamless adventure in the Canadian Rockies, which is why we’ve added this section with some tips and tricks to make vacationing in Jasper even easier! 

Our first tip is to book your tours, transportation, and hotels well in advance. Jasper has a big heart, but is still relatively small, so many rental cars, hotels, and tours sell out weeks if not months in advance. The same rings true for restaurants in the summer, you should make reservations at least a week in advance if there are certain places you want to eat. 

While Jasper is a very pet-friendly town, the town, and the park do require dogs to be on leash at all times unless at the off-leash dog park. Fines for having your dog off-leash can be quite hefty, but it is a necessary precaution to avoid animal attacks from bears and cougars. 

Speaking of animals, if you’re not familiar with Canadian wildlife like elk, deer, bears, and cougars, then we highly recommend you take a look at Parks Canada visitors and wildlife guides. This way, if you come across an elk or a bear on a hiking trail, you’ll know what to do!

Our final tip is more of a suggestion for hot spots to hit up for a night out! Jasper has a very active community with several weekly community events that are open to all visitors, which you can view here. The go-tos for locals and tourists are the De’d Dog Bar & Grill (dance floor and DJ) and the Last Stand at the Royal Canadian Legion (live music) on Friday nights, Jasper Brewing Company on Saturday nights, and the Athabasca Hotel (transforms into a nightclub) on Sunday nights.

The Perfect 3-Day Jasper Summer Itinerary

While others are asking the question of what to do in Jasper in three days, we’re more concerned with fitting it all in! Jasper has no shortage of action-packed adventures and attractions to keep you and your crew busy, and we’re going to make sure you make the most of it with this Jasper travel itinerary. 

However, before we send you out into the Canadian wilderness, we first want to remind you to purchase travel insurance! Stephan King once said, “If you want to play, you gotta pay.” and the same rings true for those seeking adventure in Jasper. Trust us, you do not want to get stuck with thousands of dollars in medical bills because of an accident. 

SafetyWing offers travel insurance for only about $10 USD a week, making it a no-brainer to get. You can get a quick, non-binding quote below:

SafetyWing is, of course, not the only option available. Two other popular alternatives are World Nomads and Heymondo.

Now that we’ve covered your coverage, let’s get onto the more fun part and see what the best of Jasper in three days looks like!

Jasper Itinerary: Day 1


Kick off your holiday with an excursion to one of the best places to visit in Jasper, Maligne Canyon. Located less than a 15-minute drive away, Maligne Canyon has been carved out over millions of years by the powerful flow of the Maligne River. This limestone gorge boasts soaring cliffs and captivating waterfalls, along with a network of well-maintained trails and bridges that wind along the river. Spend an hour or two walking the trails and make sure to go to all five bridges to get a unique eagle-eye perspective of the canyon and river. The area also offers fantastic panoramic views of Jasper and the surrounding mountains, so make sure your camera or phone is fully charged!

Tourist bridge over a magnificent cascading waterfall in Maligne Canyon, Jasper, Canada
© kavramm | Depositphotos


After a morning of exploring the thundering power of Maligne Canyon, it’s time to make your way to one of the most photographed spots in all of Canada, Maligne Lake. Maligne Lake captivates with its unparalleled beauty, showcasing dense evergreen forests, rugged mountains, and pristine turquoise waters that rival that of Lake Louise in Banff. Maligne Lake Chalet is located a 45-minute drive from Maligne Canyon and is an excellent spot to enjoy a bite to eat before spending the afternoon at the lake. You could also opt to pack a lunch and enjoy it on the shores of this vibrant lake. 

Once you’ve fueled up for the afternoon, it’s up to you to decide how you want to explore the Canadian Rockies’ largest glacier-fed lake. One spot you’re going to want to see is the small but mighty Spirit Island. Spirit Island is a sacred and visually enchanting gem that holds profound significance for the local native tribes, particularly the Stoney Nakoda and the local Métis people. The only way to get up close and personal with this island is by booking a Maligne Lake boat cruise as canoeing or kayaking will take a full day of paddling. The Maligne Lake cruise is a guided tour that lasts approximately 90 minutes in a glass-encased heated boat. After cruising, you can rent canoes and kayaks to explore more of the lake on your own or head out on one of the many hiking trails for a lakeside stroll. 

Recommendation: If you don’t have a vehicle, then you can group both Maligne Canyon and Maligne Lake into one combo tour ticket with transportation. There are two options for the combo ticket, the first being this Wildlife and Waterfalls Tour with a Lakeside Hike. This five-and-a-half hour tour will pick you up from your accommodation on an air-conditioned minibus and take you to Maligne Canyon to walk along the bridges, then to Medicine Lake Viewpoint for a photo stop, and then to Maligne Lake for a four kilometer guided hike. Afterward, you’ll be given free time to check out the lake. The second option for the combo ticket is the Wildlife and Waterfalls Tour with a Lake Cruise, which offers the exact same itinerary as above except that instead of embarking on a guided four-kilometer hike, you’ll join a Maligne Lake boat cruise. 

Spirit Island in Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada
© Stas Moroz |


The day’s adventures do not end there! Make your way back into town to clean up and get yourself ready for a lovely dinner at The Raven Bistro. This local favorite eatery features an ambient setting and some seriously delicious dishes made with locally sourced food. 

Jasper Itinerary: Day 2


On day two of this Jasper itinerary, get yourself a hardy Canadian breakfast (with maple syrup, of course) and get ready for another day’s adventure in Jasper. Make your way to the Jasper SkyTram where you’ll enjoy a guided 7.5-minute journey to Whistler’s Peak while taking in outstanding panoramic views of Jasper and the surrounding nature and mountains. Once at the top, head out on the Summit Trail, a 1.2-kilometer out-and-back hiking trail that leads to the very top of the mountain and rewards hikers with jaw-dropping scenery of the Canadian Rockies. Afterward, head back down to the Upper Station to browse for souvenirs in the gift shop or reward yourself with a pint at the on-site restaurant. 

Jasper SkyTram
© Tourism Jasper | Jeff Bartlet


Next, you’ll embark on an awe-inspiring journey from Jasper to the renowned Columbia Icefield and Athabasca Glacier, North America’s most visited glacier. This ancient icefield consisting of several glaciers not only offers you a chance to actually walk on a glacier but also to see the vast expanse of what icefields look like up close and personal on the Ice Explorer. Hop on board the massive made-for-glacier-travel Ice Explorer bus, where guides will educate you and your group about the glaciers and the role they’ve played in Jasper’s landscape. You’ll then jump out onto the 25,000-year-old Athabasca Glacier and get a chance to sip and touch the glacier water and ice. 

Perhaps the most popular activity in the area is walking across the iconic Glacier Skywalk, a one-kilometer glass-floored observation path suspended 280 meters above the Sunwapta Valley, which offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding mountainous landscapes. While the Columbia Icefields and Skywalk are not part of the same attraction, you can group them for the ultimate combo ticket. We recommend this Columbia Icefields and Skywalk ticket for those who want to participate in both activities and this Skywalk ticket for those who just want to do the platform walk. 

Ice Explorer take tourists in the Columbia Icefields - Western Canada
© UlyssePixel | Depositphotos


After a visit to the ice fields, it’s time to get the ice out of your veins with a visit to Miette Hot Springs. Located an hour away from Jasper, Miette Hot Springs offers the perfect spot to unwind. You can head right for the outdoor hot spring pool or make your way over to Miette Bungalows Restaurant to enjoy Canadian and Mediterranean eats. The entire complex offers incredible views of Fiddle Valley as well as fantastic services and amenities like change facilities with lockers, a café, bathing suit and towel rentals, and interpretive displays about the local geology and history. 

Miette Hot Springs in Jasper, Canada
© Travel Alberta | Roth and Ramberg

After a few hours of soaking and enjoying dinner, make your way back towards Jasper to the Jasper Planetarium and Dark Sky Preserve. Here, you can sign up for their mesmerizing 45-minute planetarium show or their 40-minute telescope experience. To get the most out of your time at the world’s second-largest dark sky preserve, we recommend combining the two experiences into this all-encompassing combo tour ticket. 

Jasper Planetarium Experience in Jasper, Canada
© Tourism Jasper

Jasper Itinerary: Day 3


Start your day three with a cup of coffee from Tim Hortons and embark on a self-guided tour of Jasper. Friends of Jasper have created this fantastic PDF self-led tour guide, A Walk Through The Past, to help tourists navigate their way through the Jasper’s iconic buildings and landmarks, such as the 6015 Steam Engine, the Athabasca Hotel, Jasper the Bear, Two Brothers Totem Pole, and the town’s beloved murals. It also shares historical information on Jasper’s early explorers and surrounding mountain peaks. As you peruse the town shops and landmarks, make sure to stop in at Our Native Land to see exquisite Aboriginal artworks and at Jasper Art Gallery to see charming local works on display. Leave your group with at least two hours to explore and learn more about the celebrities that helped build the town, the fur trading business, and the secret WWII military testing that took place on Lake Patricia at the Jasper Yellowhead Museum and Archives! Trust us, this little museum with a big heart has plenty of fascinating objects on display and information on the history of the area. 

Jasper town in Canada
© Shawn.ccf | Depositphotos


We understand that everyone has different interests; it’s what makes us each unique and beautiful! But it doesn’t mean we always want to do the same stuff. That is why we have left your final afternoon with a few options so that you can spend it doing something you love or something you have never done before! 

Option 1: Motorcycle Tour

Unleash your sense of adventure with the Jasper Motorcycle Tours’ Icefields Parkway Tour, a thrilling option for a captivating last afternoon. This unique experience invites you to explore the stunning Icefields Parkway, rated as one of the top 10 drives in the world by Condé Nast Traveller, aboard a classic Harley Davidson sidecar motorcycle. The knowledgeable guides lead you through this iconic stretch of road on a three-hour-long tour, allowing you to witness majestic glaciers, turquoise lakes, and towering peaks. The sidecar setup provides an intimate and immersive way to connect with the breathtaking landscapes and can seat up to two people.

Alternatively, if you’re a seasoned rider and want to explore the Canadian Rockies on your own, you could rent a motorcycle from Jasper Motorcycle Tours.   

Motorcycle tour in Jasper, Canada
© Tourism Jasper | Celina Frisson

Option 2: Mountain Biking Tour

For a memorable and active final afternoon in Jasper, consider booking a mountain bike tour with Journey Bike Guides. With a commitment to community and getting bums on bikes, Journey Bike Guides offers a range of guided biking adventures through the stunning landscapes of Jasper National Park. Choose from various trail options, suitable for all skill levels, as experienced guides lead you through lush forests, along pristine lakeshores, and beneath the towering peaks of the Canadian Rockies. This exhilarating experience not only provides a unique perspective of Jasper’s natural beauty but also allows you to soak in the fresh mountain air and enjoy the freedom of two wheels. 

Three Cyclists in Jasper National Park, Canada
© JamesWheeler | Depositphotos

Option 3: Whitewater Rafting Tour

For an exhilarating grand finale to your Jasper adventure, consider booking this two-hour whitewater rafting tour. This is a great opportunity to be introduced to the sport of whitewater rafting as you and your crew will navigate the thrilling rapids of the Athabasca River under the guidance of experienced instructors. This adventure promises heart-pounding excitement and spectacular scenery, showcasing the untamed beauty of the Canadian Rockies and creating lasting memories of your final afternoon in Jasper.

Rafting on Athabasca River in Jasper, Canada
© Tourism Jasper


As you wind down from an afternoon adventure, it’s time to toast to the end of the holiday and there is no better place to do this than at Jasper Brewing Company. Enjoy a pint of the local good stuff and cheers to a memorable getaway while indulging in mouthwatering Canadian dishes like elk meatloaf, Alberta beef burger, and poutine.

There you have it, mountain-hungry travelers, the ultimate three-day itinerary for a long weekend trip to Jasper in the summer. If you want to discover more of Jasper’s incredible attractions, check out our list of the best things to do in Jasper next!

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