Skydiving – aloSIM Review: Instant eSIM Travel Data in 130+ Countries

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Long gone are the days when we printed out MapQuest directions to help us navigate new cities or brought guidebooks with us on holiday. With the rise in new technologies and apps for travel, we can access restaurant reviews, flight tickets, hotel bookings, and Google Maps from our phones. 

It’s hard to travel without a smartphone nowadays, since you often need one to order rideshares, access e-tickets, and much more. It’s also handy for letting your loved ones know you’ve arrived safely at your destination and for sharing pictures with friends. But how can you use your phone abroad without it costing a fortune? 

Travelers usually try to purchase physical SIM cards when they land in a new country, but there’s a new SIM in town that’s far easier to use – the eSIM! With eSIMs, you can easily purchase an internet and phone plan directly from your phone. They’re compatible with many of the popular smartphones made since 2019, from brands such as Apple, Sony, Samsung, and Nokia. 

We decided to investigate further and take a look at aloSIM, one of the newer companies shaking things up in the eSIM industry. (Spoiler alert: aloSIM is crushing it!) 

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What Is an eSIM? 

An eSIM is a digital replacement for physical SIM cards that you can purchase directly through your phone to access the internet and cellular data. It has no physical component, allowing it to work alongside a regular SIM card or another eSIM. You can switch effortlessly between carriers, depending on the number you want to use or the country you’re in. Simply download the eSIM onto a phone, and it’s ready to go! 

What Devices Are Supported by eSIM?

While eSIMs are a fantastic new invention, they are just that – new, meaning not all devices are equipped to use the eSIM yet. Fortunately, the technology has been around long enough that most devices from 2019 or later are compatible with it. Here are some of the devices equipped to handle eSIMs: 

  • iPhone XR or XS 
  • iPhone 11 or newer
  • iPads with 4G connectivity (made since 2019) 
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 and newer 
  • Google Pixel 2 and newer
  • Windows Surface Pro 7 and newer
  • Windows Surface Go 2 and 3

AloSIM is compatible with over 15 cellphone manufacturers. You can check the compatibility of your phone with aloSIM’s handy device checker here.

What Is aloSIM? 

AloSIM is a Canada-based tech company designed to provide budget-friendly prepaid eSIMs to travelers in over 130 countries. While the company may be new to the eSIM gig, the brains behind it have been in the internet messaging and mobile data game for years. They launched Hushed, an award-winning app that facilitates temporary and secondary phone numbers, in 2012, so they’ve got a solid decade of experience in the industry. 

AloSIM allows you to purchase prepaid SIMs by country or region and by duration. The packages do not include a phone number, voice calling, or texting – only data. This is still a great way to stay connected without breaking the bank, given that many of us use messaging apps (such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger) instead of calling and texting when we’re abroad. Of course, you can use aloSIM with another SIM or eSIM if you want the ability to text or call. 

How to Buy an aloSIM eSIM 

There are two ways to purchase and download an eSIM from aloSIM. We recommend downloading the aloSIM mobile app, but you can also purchase from its website on a laptop, tablet, or phone. Once you’ve verified its compatibility with your device, search the country or region you plan to visit, and all the available plans will come up. 

Before you jump on the biggest data plan, we highly recommend using aloSIM’s data calculator. When you toggle the sliders to match your usage for messages, downloads, games, and social media, the calculator will show you an estimate of your daily, weekly, and monthly usage. (Keep in mind that most hotels and hostels have free Wi-Fi, so you can always download music and movies in advance without using data.)

Once you’ve narrowed down an eSIM area, you can browse the various packages and prices to find the eSIM duration and amount of data that fits your itinerary. After selecting a package, simply create an account and upload a payment method, and then your eSIM for travel is ready to install! 

How to Install an aloSIM eSIM 

You have several options for installing an eSIM, some of which depend on the device you have. The process is quick, and aloSIM provides step-by-step instructions on how to install the eSIM for your device. 

There are three main ways to install the eSIM, depending on your device:

  1. Automatic installation is the easiest and fastest way. This feature is only available through the aloSIM mobile app.
  2. You can also install the eSIM with a QR code scan. This is useful if you’re purchasing a package for your phone on your laptop or tablet. 
  3. Manual installation involves following step-by-step instructions on how to adjust your device’s settings to allow for the eSIM. 

Once you’ve installed the eSIM, you simply have to activate it when you reach your destination, and you’re set to start browsing! You don’t even need Wi-Fi or data to activate your eSIM. 

What Are the Advantages of Using an aloSIM eSIM?

Easy Purchasing and Downloading Process

The entire process of purchasing an eSIM from aloSIM is quick and easy, especially thanks to the automatic installation feature, which few other eSIM companies offer. The website and app are both extremely user-friendly – you won’t have to read long instructions or search YouTube for a how-to video. 

Great Packages and Budget Prices 

Our favorite thing about aloSIM, in addition to the affordable eSIM, is that it doesn’t try to oversell you on packages. With its travel data calculator, you can find out how much data you’ll need for your trip realistically. The prices are extremely reasonable as well. You can get budget-friendly plans like the 5GB for 30 days in Canada, which costs only $18 (USD), or the 5GB for 30 days in Spain for the low price of $11.50! If you’ve ever used your personal phone plan abroad, you’ll know these prices are a steal. 

Data Sharing

Several other eSIM companies, such as Holafly, don’t support data sharing, but aloSIM allows you to use your personal hotspot and connect other devices to the internet. This is especially handy if you’re working remotely! 

Plan and Quality Transparency

AloSIM does a great job of being transparent about its plans, which is one of the reasons we think it has the best eSIM for international travel. Before purchasing a package, you get to see the partnering networks you’ll be connected to in that country and the speed availability for the plan (3G, 4G, 5G, or LTE). This isn’t common with eSIM companies, and users often don’t think about it before purchasing, but it should be a no-brainer for eSIM companies to show you this upfront! 

No one wants to pay for a data plan slower than the airport security line, so aloSIM has partnered with reliable networks and is honest about what you can access with each plan. We tip our hats to the integrity of this Canadian company. 

Easy Top-Up

Unlike other eSIM companies, aloSIM allows you to add more data easily when you’re running out instead of purchasing and downloading an entirely new travel eSIM. Simply log in to your account and use the card on file to top up in seconds! 

Fantastic Customer Service

AloSIM makes sure you’ll have the easiest experience using this new technology. You won’t have to chase down contact information to get hold of someone to answer your questions, because AloSIM has an automated chatbot that can answer FAQs or connect you directly with an agent. The website and app also have an extensive support section that covers many specific questions related to billing, troubleshooting, eSIM management, and much more. There’s that openness we love about aloSIM again!

What Are the Disadvantages of Using an aloSIM eSIM?

No Phone Number

While this isn’t a massive inconvenience, not having a phone number abroad could pose problems for some travelers. As we said earlier, though, you can still access messaging platforms such as email, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger just by having data. You can also purchase a regular SIM or use your own alongside aloSIM. If you like to use SMS or voice calls to contact hotels, tour groups, or other services in the country you’re visiting, it might be inconvenient just to use an aloSIM eSIM. 

No Unlimited Plans

If you plan to rely heavily on mobile data while traveling, you might be looking for an unlimited plan. Unfortunately, it looks like aloSIM has no (or at least very few) options for unlimited data packages.

What’s the Verdict? 

Just like the days of physical SIM cards for travelers, we’ve come to the end. We can see that aloSIM has provided solutions to issues other eSIM providers have ignored, from its affordable plans and auto-installation feature to its excellent customer service. We’re going to swipe right on aloSIM, and we hope it’s the perfect match for you too!

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