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Fun at the beach comes in many shapes and sizes. It could be anything from paddleboarding to relaxing and reading a book. If you want to add a little competition to your time at the beach, or need to entertain some children, beach games are the perfect answer. Many are action-packed and will keep you entertained long past sunset. While there are so many options on the market, below are the best beach games for you and your friends and family. 

Do your little ones dream of becoming heroes? Invite their friends to the beach for a life-size escape room, thanks to Escape Kit. The concept is simple: Choose your favorite adventure, download your kit, print out the fun, life-size puzzles, and set up the game at the beach for an innovative activity at a low price ($20 per adventure kit) for an hour of play. With the help of the original cards, the children will have to search for clues and hidden items, find their way out of mysterious mazes, paint over drawings, and solve riddles. Several themes are available: the magic of Harry Potter, the magical world of princesses, the power of superheroes, the treasure island of pirates, and the enchanted world of the Little Prince.

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In the mood for some friendly competition? Try Hunnyball, an exciting and innovative take on the classic game of catch. The game consists of a portable board and a ball and is intended to be played by two teams of at least two players each. The server from the team on offense starts the game by bouncing the ball off the board for members of the team on defensive to catch. The team on defensive can then pass the ball twice before taking a shot at the board to continue the rally. The rally is over if a team misses a catch, misses the board, or a shot off the board goes out of bounds, and the team on offense can score points by blocking passes. With a simple yet fast-paced concept and super-portable and minimal equipment, Hunnyball is specifically designed to offer hours of seaside fun.

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Spikeball beach game set

Ever since spikeball was revived in 2018 it’s been one of the most popular ball games for the beach. Two teams of two battle it out in this game which combines four square and volleyball. Each team has three alternating touches to return the ball to the other team by bouncing it off the net. If your team can’t return the ball to the net after three touches then the other team gets a point. This Spikeball kit lets you play indoors or outdoors and includes two extra balls. You can adjust the tightness of the net to your preference and the legs are foldable to help with storage. It also comes with a drawstring carrying bag to make it easier to transport. Spikeball is easy to learn and will bring out the competitive side in everyone.

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TidalBall game set

Born in South Carolina, this fun beach game is a mashup of cornhole and bocce ball. Thankfully, you don’t have to carry cornhole boards around to play it. The whole game package only weighs around 10 ounces. Once you get to the beach, use the included sand scoop to dig two holes ten paces apart and a trench behind each hole. You and a partner will compete against another team of two. A ball in the hole equals three points and a ball in the trench equals one point. Along with the sand scoop, this TidalBall set includes six balls (three for each team) and two koozies. All of this comes in a mesh bag that easily fits in your beach bag. TidalBall is a lightweight, no-hassle beach game that continues to grow in popularity.

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AmazonBasics Bocce Ball set

When it comes to beach activities, bocce ball is one of the most popular. This game dates back to 5,000 BC and is well-known around the world. Two people can play against each other or you can play with two teams of two. The ultimate goal is to get your ball closer to the target ball (called the pallino) than your opponent. The AmazonBasics Bocce Ball Set includes four red balls, four green balls, one white pallino, and a measuring device (to use when there’s a discrepancy of which ball is closest to the pallino). You can choose balls between 90mm and 100mm, and you’ll carry them in the included case. Bocce ball is an easy and fun game that can be played almost anywhere.

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Himal cornhole game set

Cornhole tests how well you can aim and throw a bean bag. You and your partner will battle another team of two to see who can get more bags in the hole. A bag in the hole gets three points, while a bag that lands on the board only gets one point. Many of the cornhole boards you’ll see are made of wood and are tough to move. Thankfully Himal created collapsible and portable cornhole boards so you can play on the beach, in the park, or wherever you’d like without having to lug around heavy boards. This set includes two 3’ x 2’ 300D polyfabric boards, eight 3.5” x 3.5” 300D polyfabric cornhole bags, eight stakes, and a 1.25’ x 1.25’ carrying case. Himal’s cornhole set is one of the best beach games for adults and kids.

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activ flyer set

It can be challenging to find entertaining beach games for kids, but Activ Flyer has succeeded. These flying rings only weigh about an ounce so they’re safe for children as young as three. Because they’re so much lighter than frisbees they won’t hurt your fingers and they fly straight with minimal effort. These flying rings even float in water so you won’t have to worry about losing them in the ocean, lake, or pool. Two discs come in a pack and you can choose from eight different color combinations. If you want to get your kids outdoors for some fun, let them know you have Activ Flyers.

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Hoyle waterproof playing cards

One of the staples for having fun at the beach is playing cards. Unfortunately, water and standard playing cards don’t mix. That’s where the Hoyle Waterproof Playing Cards come in. Along with being waterproof, they’re flexible, easy to shuffle, and hand-washable. They’re the size of standard playing cards and are printed on premium clear plastic card stock. The deck weighs less than an ounce so they can easily follow you on all of your outdoor adventures. Whether you’re taking them to the beach, on a camping trip, or to a picnic, the Hoyle Waterproof Playing Cards are the best option for playing everything from go fish to poker.

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Kan Jam game set

Originally called “Garbage Can Frisbee”, Kan Jam took some aspects of frisbee golf, cornhole, and basketball and combined them to create America’s number one outdoor party game. Teams of two battle against each other to be the first to reach 21 points. You throw the frisbee 50 feet toward the can – which is also where your teammate is. If you hit the can you get two points, if your teammate can knock your frisbee into the top of the can you get three points, if your teammate deflects the frisbee and it hits the can you get one point, and if you throw the frisbee into the small slot in the side of the can it’s an instant win for your team. This Kan Jam set comes with two cans and one frisbee. To add some competitive action to your day at the beach, bring along Kan Jam.

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bottle bash game set

Work on your hand-eye coordination while you’re at the beach with a game of Bottle Bash. In this game you’ll throw your flying disc towards your opponents’ bottle and pole, and your opponent will try to catch the bottle and disc before they touch the ground. If the disc drops you get one point, if the bottle drops you get two points, and if both the disc and the bottle drop you get three points. The first team to 21 points wins. This Poleish Sports Bottle Bash set includes two bottles, two metal poles, a flying disc, and the necessary accessories to stabilize the poles and bottles. Bottle Bash is super easy to set up and one of the most fun activities for the beach.

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bucket ball game

Bucket Ball is like beer pong on a larger scale and you can easily make it one of the best beach drinking games. The game was created at the beach, but you can also play while camping or tailgating. The Bucket Ball Beach Edition Combo Pack weighs less than seven pounds and includes six blue buckets, six orange buckets, two bucket pong balls, two tailgate balls, two hybrid balls, and a tote bag. Each type of ball has a different advantage – the hybrid balls are ideal for windy conditions and have great bounce and durability, bucket pong balls are larger ping pong balls and the size to bucket ratio makes using these balls the most similar to beer pong, and tailgate balls are similar to hacky sack balls and are best for beginners. Bucket Ball is a fantastic purchase for your beach trips.

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If you want to play badminton without a net or boundaries, Jazzminton is the game for you. It’s one of the most addictive games to play at the beach. People of all ages can rally back and forth on the sand or in the water. The Jazzminton set includes two fluorescent wooden paddles with foam grip handles, one paddle ball, two slow birdies, two fast birdies, and a carrying bag. Weighing less than 11 ounces, it’s super simple to store and transport the bag. Jazzminton offers guaranteed fun at the beach for you and your friends.

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toss and catch ball

Toss and Catch Ball is a great way for children to get exercise and work on their hand-eye coordination. They can get an intro to baseball or softball by practicing throwing with a lightweight ball. Instead of wearing a mitt, they’ll wear a paddle with velcro to catch the incoming ball. The Qrooper Toss and Catch Set includes four paddles, four balls, and a storage bag. The paddles have reinforced stitches and are lined with a waterproof material to increase durability. Toss and Catch Ball is a great way for you to bond with your children and for them to have fun with other kids.

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One of the most fun games for the beach is Crossnet. The game tests your athleticism and combines four square and volleyball. Whoever’s in square four serves the ball to square two then players can hit the ball to any other square they’d like. Whoever misplays the ball goes back to square one. When the ball is misplayed the person in square four gets one point. The first to 11 wins (you must win by at least two points). This Crossnet set includes a volleyball, net, poles, an air pump, boundary lines, ground ties, a rule book, and a carrying backpack. The net can be adjusted to different heights based on your preference. Keep in mind that the backpack does weigh 17 pounds. Crossnet will be a hit with beachgoers of all ages.

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Jumbo checkers

If you’re looking for more classic games for the beach, consider Jumbo Checkers. This rug game is made of a soft, woven material. When it inevitably gets dirty you can throw it in the washing machine then lay it flat to dry. The Lulu Home Jumbo Checkers set takes it a step further and allows you to play tic-tac-toe and super tic-tac-toe (4×4 instead of 3×3) on the other side of the rug. The rug measures 28” x 28” and the set also includes 24 2.9” checker pieces. Jumbo Checkers is a fun and portable game to play while listening to the sound of the waves.

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ladder toss game

Test your aim with this Ladder Toss game. Once you have the ladders 15 feet from each other it’s time to start tossing the bolas. The top rung is worth three points, the middle rung is worth two points, and the bottom rung is worth one point. The winner is the first to 21 without going over. The GoSports Ladder Toss Game Set comes with two ladders with built-in scorekeepers, six rubber bolas, the guidelines, and a carrying case. Ladder Toss is a simple game that offers fun for the whole family.

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tug of war rope

This classic game has remained popular. As always, two teams show off their strength until the losing team is pulled over the center marker. Most of us played Tug of War sometime during our youth, and playing in the sand makes it even more interesting. The Franklin Sports Store Tug of War rope is 20-feet long, 1-inch thick, and can fit up to 10 children or 8 adults on it. It’s made of natural jute fibers and there are pre-tied knots at the end of each end to help with grip. It even includes a red center flag to identify the winner. Tug of War dates back around 4,000 years and is still one of the best games to play on the beach.

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volleyball game set

Whether it’s a pickup game or a match at the Olympics, volleyball is certainly among the best games for the beach. It’s played with two teams of up to six players each. Each team is allowed three hits per side to get the ball over the net. The Baden Champions Volleyball set gives you everything you need for a fun match at the beach. You’ll get one volleyball, one regulation net, one air pump, two adjustable steel poles, stakes, one set of boundary lines, and a carrying bag. Setup only takes minutes and then you can have hours of fun.

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Waboba pro ball

The easiest way to have fun with a Waboba Ball is playing catch with your friends by bouncing the ball off the water. Waboba began in Sweden in 2005 and has created a very unique product to enjoy in the water. While many balls sink, this elastic ball hits the water, flattens like a pancake, increases in lift, then propels upward. It’s great for oceans and lakes, and offers competitive fun for the whole family. You can play whatever games you’d like with it, but keep in mind that after it hits the water it’ll come at you faster than expected. The Waboba Pro Water Bouncing Ball is engineered for sports performance and gives you more control. The ball measures 2.36” and weighs around two ounces. People 10 and older will love the fun that Waboba Balls provide.

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cricket set

Typically, cricket is played with two teams of 11 players each. Similar to baseball, each team takes turns playing the field and batting. The batter is called a batsman, while the pitcher is called a bowler. Two batsmen are on the pitch at the same time and a run is scored each time they change places on the pitch. Outs happen when a bowler knocks over a wicket, a fielder catches a fly ball, a fielder knocks down a wicket before a batsman arrives, or a batsman’s body interferes with a bowled ball that would’ve hit the wicket. This CE Kids Cricket Set is a great intro for younger children. It comes with one wooden bat, four wickets, one bail, and one ball. The two size options are geared toward children under 8 and children between 8 and 12. If your kids want to learn or practice cricket, CE makes a great quality children’s set.

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ring toss game set

Ring Toss can be played by people of all ages, so it’s one of the best beach games for families. Standard rules are that players or teams alternate throws trying to get their ring around a stake. You’ll get five points for a ring around the stake, three points if your ring touches the stake, and one point if it’s within 6” of the stake and closer than an opponent’s ring. The Elite Sportz Equipment Ring Toss Yard Game is easy to set up and is always a big hit. This set includes 5 rope rings, 10 plastic rings, the board, and a carrying bag. Ring Toss is a simple yet fun game to play at the beach.

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Beach builder sand castles

When it comes to funny things to do on the beach, trying to build sand castles without buckets or shovels always makes the list because it’s a recipe for misshapen castles that will surely collapse. Thankfully, the Liberty Imports Beach Builder Kit will make everything easier. This 18-piece kit includes tower molds, a spatula, window inserts, door inserts, a castle wall and compressor, a tower compressor, and mold clips. All the pieces are free of PVC and BPA. The case measures 11.4” x 7.1” x 4.7” and weighs 1.7 pounds. To maximize fun in the sand, bring along the Liberty Imports Beach Builder Kit.

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While some beach games are more chill and others more action-packed, they’ll all make your time at the beach even more fun. It can be difficult to choose between all of these great options and you may just decide to buy several games to turn your next beach trip into a real party.

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