Skydiving – How to Buy Tickets to Disneyland Paris in 2023

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At Disneyland Paris, families and the young at heart can enjoy thrilling attractions, see fantastic shows, and meet all their favorite Disney characters. Everyone’s trip to Disneyland Paris is a little different, though, because there are so many ways to experience the park. Some visitors spend multiple days there and stay at accommodations nearby, while others come in for a day trip from the city. This guide to buying tickets to Disneyland Paris will explain the different types of tickets, what they include, and how to get the best deal so that you can visit the happiest place on Earth with peace of mind!

Quick Answer – How to Buy Tickets to Disneyland Paris: The best way to buy tickets to Disneyland Paris is online in advance here. These tickets are not only cheaper than those found on the official website but they are also refundable up to three days in advance. If you need transportation to and from Disneyland, consider booking the ticket plus shuttle package instead.

How to Buy Tickets to Disneyland Paris

As we said, you can choose from multiple types of tickets for the park. But before we dive into the details, you need to know where to buy tickets for Disneyland Paris for the easiest experience. After all, the park sees over 12 million visitors a year, so you’ll want to avoid those long queues in order to enjoy your visit to the fullest. 

Line Up in Person (Not Recommended)

It is only possible to purchase special-rate tickets at the front gate. This means that you can only purchase a disability ticket or a discounted military personnel ticket at the gate, not a regular ticket. Even for a special-rate ticket, though, we still recommend booking tickets to Disneyland Paris in advance online instead of standing in line for a ticket and then for security. After all, less time at the gate means more time for rides! 

Book Tickets Online (Recommended)

The best way to get tickets to Disneyland Paris is to book in advance online. In fact, it’s the only way you can purchase regular tickets. You can buy tickets on the park’s official website or through a third-party agent like GetYourGuide. In our experience, booking a ticket through GetYourGuide tends to be cheaper. Both booking options offer free cancellation up to three days before your visit, but booking on GetYourGuide will save you $10 to $15 (USD) per ticket!

While you can purchase same-day entry tickets on both platforms, the tickets could take up to an hour to be emailed to you and ready to be scanned at the gate, so plan accordingly. 

Book Tickets and Transport Online

Another great way to save some coin and time is to bundle your ticket to Disneyland Paris with transportation to and from the park in one package. This Disneyland Paris ticket and shuttle package offers daily transportation from the Eiffel Tower, Place du Châtelet, Place de l’Opéra, and Gare du Nord. 

The express shuttle ticket is available only with a one-day ticket for either one or two parks (Disneyland Park and/or Walt Disney Studios Park). While this is a great option, the downside is a lack of flexibility, with only one departure to the park in the morning, around 8:30 a.m. (depending on the meeting point you choose), and one from the park at 8 or 9 p.m., depending on the day. 

If you want a more flexible travel and park package, check out this express train ride and park ticket. The train ride is 45 minutes instead of an hour on the bus, and you have more freedom with how long you stay. 

Useful Information for Visiting Disneyland Paris

What’s the Best Time to Visit Disneyland Paris?

The best time to visit Disneyland Paris is during the low tourist season from January to May and  in September. Tuesday to Thursday tends to be the least busy time of the week at the park, as most locals are at school or work and tourists are more likely to visit for a weekend holiday. As always, we recommend getting to the park as early as you can to get the most out of your ticket!

What Are the Disneyland Paris Hours of Operation?

Disneyland Paris is open 365 days a year, rain or shine, from 9:30 a.m. Closing time varies by the season and day, but it’s usually between 9 and 11 p.m.

How Do You Get to Disneyland Paris?

Disneyland Paris is actually located in Chessy, about 45 kilometers east of Paris. You can drive to the park in about 40 minutes, depending on traffic. If you plan to rent a car, we recommend using to find the guaranteed lowest prices for a vehicle. Driving there is a double-edged sword, though. You have the benefit of leaving whenever you wish, but you have to wait for parking and pay about €30 (roughly $31.84) for a parking pass.

Of course, there are other ways to get to Disneyland Paris. Again, you can book your ticket as a package with round-trip transportation by bus or train. Other than pre-booking transportation, the best way to get to the park by public transit is to take the train from the Gare de Lyon. 

How Do Disneyland Paris Tickets Work?

All right, now it’s time to dive deep into some details. Disneyland Paris offers just one type of regular entrance ticket for one, two, three, or four days. You can choose tickets that work for both parks (Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park) or just one. Tickets must be purchased in advance online, except the discounted tickets for military personnel or guests with disabilities. You can purchase both types of discounted tickets at the gate, though the military discount tickets are also available online. 

It’s also possible to book a flexible ticket for Disneyland Paris, which doesn’t require you to reserve a certain date, but we highly recommend against this. These tickets are more expensive and nonrefundable, and they don’t guarantee entrance on the day you might want to go. Disneyland Paris is so popular now that the official website apologizes for so many dates being sold out in advance. If you do opt for the flex ticket, make sure to register your Disneyland Paris ticket on the park’s official website to activate it for the day you want and see if any of your preferred dates are sold out. 

What Disneyland Paris Ticket Add-ons Are Available?

You may want to add extras such as a skip-the-line ticket for Disneyland Paris rides or guaranteed seats for shows. There are two types of skip-the-line Disneyland Paris tickets: 

  • Disney Premier Access One lets you skip the regular line on one ride of your choice that has a fast-pass lane, assigning you a time to ride based on availability. You can buy this pass via the Disneyland Paris app or in person at the park.
  • Disney Premier Access Ultimate lets you go on each ride with a fast-pass lane once, and you get access to the fast lane without booking a time slot in advance; simply walk on up. You can purchase this pass in advance or on the day of your visit via the app, on the website, or at the park.

You can purchase a guaranteed seat for “The Lion King” and “Mickey and the Magician” shows under the Experiences section of the official website. Other add-ons available for touring Disneyland Paris include a meal plan, a VIP tour, and a dining experience with your favorite Disney character. You can purchase any of these in advance on the official website or app. 

How Much Do Tickets for Disneyland Paris Cost?

Disneyland Paris tickets vary in cost based on the popularity of the day you want to go, whether you want access to both parks, and how many days you want your ticket to be valid. Naturally, tickets for weekends and holidays tend to be more expensive. 

On the official website, Disneyland Paris ticket prices start at $74.44 for adults (12 and older) and $68.40 for children (ages 3-11) for one-day, one-park access. (Children under 3 get in free.) On GetYourGuide, the same type of ticket with the same age restrictions starts at $66.54 for adults and $61.17 for children. 

Here’s some pricing for other tickets and packages:

  • A multi-day ticket (available for up to four consecutive days) with access to both parks starts at $165.27 for adults and $152.40 for children for a two-day pass. 
  • A one-day ticket and shuttle package with round-trip transportation starts at $149.18 for adults and $138.44 for children. 
  • A one-day ticket and train package with round-trip transportation starts at $149.18 for adults and $138.44 for children.
  • A one-day, one-park flex ticket starts at $112.69 for adults and $104.10 for children. 

What Are the Best Hotels Near Disneyland Paris?

To avoid paying for parking or taking long rides on public transit to and from the park, you might want to book accommodations close to Disneyland Paris. 

For a cozy bed-and-breakfast, check out Maison Tobias. The inn has free parking, a fantastic complimentary breakfast, and family rooms that can sleep four or five people. 

If you want shuttle service to Disneyland Paris, consider staying at Dream Castle Hotel Marne la Vallée. This four-star hotel offers a shuttle to the park every 20 minutes, along with an indoor swimming pool, a bar, and a restaurant. 

Another great choice for accommodation near Disneyland Paris is the Grand Magic Hotel Marne la Vallée. This is another four-star hotel that offers free shuttle service to the park, while it also has an indoor pool, a video game room, a fitness center, and a restaurant. 

What’s the Security Process at Disneyland Paris? 

Of course, with so many people visiting Disneyland Paris, all visitors must pass through a security check to enter the park. To ensure you breeze through security and don’t accidentally bring something that will be confiscated, read the list of prohibited items before you go:

  • Extension sticks for cameras and phones (such as selfie sticks)
  • Items that will disturb other visitors (such as horns and speakers)
  • Drones and remote-controlled toys
  • Alcohol
  • Illegal drugs 
  • Glass containers
  • Any weapons or explosives (such as firearms, fireworks, chemical-dispensing devices, clubs or sticks, and knives)
  • Toy weapons (such as squirt guns and wooden guns) 
  • Bags or luggage larger than 55 by 40 by 25 centimeters
  • Personnel transport items that are not used for medical reasons (such as Rollerblades, bicycles, and hoverboards)

What About Visiting Disneyland Paris With a Disability?

Disneyland Paris is a very accessible place for those with disabilities and special needs! If you or your travel partner have a disability, you can receive a 25% discount on tickets at the gate by showing the proper government medical paperwork. The ticket for Disneyland Paris will include a priority pass, which grants you and your travel companion priority access to shows, rides, selfie locations, and more. You can request this priority card in advance on the website. 

Disneyland Paris offers several tools for guests with mental, physical, visual, and auditory impairments. These include a mobile app (AudioSpot) that those with visual impairments can use to learn more about attractions and the park, transfer boards for getting from a wheelchair into a ride, and an accessibility park map that shows areas where the entertainment might trigger epilepsy. 

FAQs: Facts About Disneyland Paris

When Did Disneyland Paris Open?

Disneyland Paris opened in April 1992 under the name Euro Disney. The park took on its current name in 1994.

Are There Lockers Inside?

Yes, luggage lockers are available at the front entrance to both parks. 

Is Disney Village Free to Visit? 

Yes! You can visit Disney Village without an admission ticket. However, keep an eye on the website, as the area sometimes requires a ticket for special events and shows. 

Can I Bring My Pet or Service Animal? 

Yes and no. Service animals are allowed in almost all areas of the park, provided you show the correct travel documents and paperwork for them. Unfortunately, other furry friends can’t enjoy a magical day at Disneyland Paris with you, but the park’s Animal Care Center near the guest parking lot can provide food and water for your pet during your visit. 

Can I Take a Guided Tour of the Park?

Yes, guided tours of Disneyland Paris are available with the VIP tour add-on. 

Can I Reenter Disneyland Paris? 

Yes! You can go in and out of the park as much as you like, as long as you have a valid ticket on you when you reenter. 

Is There a Dress Code at Disneyland Paris? 

Technically, no, there is no dress code at Disneyland Paris. However, this is a family environment, so all guests must wear appropriate tops and bottoms. The park has the right to refuse entrance to anyone for costumes, makeup, clothing, or tattoos with offensive or shocking images or text. 

What Is Disneyland Paris Pride?

Disneyland Paris Pride is a truly magical celebration of LGBTQ Pride Month, with parades, special shows, and parties going on until 2 a.m. That means you can ride some of the most popular rides well into the night! The annual event typically takes place on the first Saturday in June.

Do I Need a Special Ticket for Disneyland Paris Pride?

Yes, you will need a special ticket for Disneyland Paris Pride, which you can purchase on GetYourGuide or the official website.

You’ve done it! You’ve reached the end, and now you should have all the information you need to prepare for a magical visit to the happiest place on Earth. Oh, and say hello to Mickey for us, will you?

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