Skydiving – How to Buy Tickets to the Uffizi Gallery in 2023

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With a city as fascinating and memorable as Florence, there’s no shortage of things to do and places to visit. The Renaissance city is full of iconic attractions that will easily keep you entertained for days, but one of its most impressive is the world-famous Uffizi Gallery. This incredible art museum is full of Renaissance masterpieces, so touring the Uffizi Gallery should definitely be on your Florence itinerary.

As the Uffizi is such a special place, you won’t want anything happening to ruin the experience. One of the most common mistakes is not organizing how you’re going to get your Uffizi Gallery tickets before you visit. To make sure you’re fully prepared, we put together this guide full of information on how to buy tickets for the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

Quick Answer – How to Buy Tickets to the Uffizi Gallery: Unless you like spending your vacation waiting in long lines, we highly recommended you either book your skip-the-line Uffizi Gallery tickets in advance here or book a guided tour of the Uffizi Gallery. Out of these two, the guided tour is the better option as you get to learn about the inside stories behind some of the most notable art masterpieces in the world from an expert guide.

Best Ways to Get Tickets to the Uffizi Gallery

Depending on how you’re planning your trip to Florence and how you like to experience things when you travel, some of the options for buying tickets for the Uffizi Gallery will appeal to you more than others. But it helps to know what each of the options are first so that you can make an informed decision on which tickets to get.

The embankment of river Arno. View of the Uffizi Gallery. Italy, Florence
Alexander Mak /

1. Line Up in Person (Not Recommended)

No matter what popular tourist attraction you’re talking about, it’s rarely a good idea to leave getting tickets until you arrive for your visit. Lining up on the day is almost always the slowest and most uncertain way to organize your visit.

The Uffizi Gallery has a cap on the number of visitors allowed inside at one time, so if the limit is reached, the line won’t move until visitors already inside begin to leave. Waits of well over an hour are quite common for those lining up to get tickets, and that’s not a great use of your time in Florence now, is it?

If you are going to line up, it can be better to wait until later in the day when there are more people leaving than entering, as that can reduce the amount of time you spend in the line.

2. Book Online

A far more sensible approach to visiting is to simply book tickets for the Uffizi Gallery in advance online. Tickets bought online are skip-the-line tickets to the Uffizi Gallery, allowing you to bypass the long ticket queue and enter the museum through the fast track lane. You will need to pass through security and metal detectors like everyone else, but this approach allows for a much better use of your time.

Uffizi Gallery tickets can be purchased through the official website for the museum. However, these tickets are nonrefundable, leaving you with little recourse if your plans change and you need to cancel.

This is why we recommend getting your ticket through this link, as these tickets come with free cancellation and a full refund up to 24 hours in advance of your booking. You will need to pay a tiny bit more for this peace of mind, but it could save you a whole lot of hassle down the track.

3. Book a Guided Tour (Recommended)

Beyond just getting tickets for the Uffizi Gallery, another way to organize your visit is by booking a guided tour through the museum. A guided tour of the Uffizi Gallery is really the best way to appreciate the museum’s works of art, as not much information is provided with the exhibits themselves. In fact, many people say that the tours here are some of the best tours Florence has to offer.

For your Uffizi Gallery tour, you really have two options available to you. The most common choice is to go with a small group tour, for which we recommend this tour. However, if you’d prefer a more personalized experience, you may want to consider a private tour. With a private tour, like this one we recommend, you can pick the focus of your visit, ask your guide as many questions as you like, and even customize the duration of your tour.

4. Get the PassePartout or the Firenze Card

If you’re planning to do lots of sightseeing in Florence, then another option to consider is a tourist pass or combined ticket. These types of tickets include access to more than just the Uffizi Gallery and can allow you to save money compared to buying individual tickets for each place.

The PassePartout 5 Days is a combined ticket valid for five days that covers entry to the Uffizi Gallery, the museums of the Pitti Palace, and the Boboli Gardens.

Alternatively, you can try the Firenze Card for even more included attractions. The Firenze Card is valid for three days and comes with free entry to a long list of other museums around the city, including the Pitti Palace museums, the Galleria dell’Accademia, and the Museo di Palazzo Vecchio. One catch with the Firenze Card is that you still need to make a reservation for your preferred date and time.

The Galleria degli Uffizi is a prominent art museum located adjacent to the Piazza della Signoria in the Historic Centre of Florence in the region of Tuscany, Italy.
Takashi Images /

Useful Information for Visiting the Uffizi Gallery

Uffizi Gallery Hours of Operation

Opening hours for the Uffizi Gallery are from 8:15 to 18:50 and the museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday. The museum is closed on Mondays, as well as January 1, May 1, and December 25. Reservations for Saturdays and holidays should be made at least one day in advance. Last entry into the museum is at 17:30 when the ticket office closes.

What’s the Best Time to Visit the Uffizi Gallery?

Since the Uffizi Gallery is such a popular attraction and can get very busy, there are certain times that are better than others to visit if you want a quieter, more relaxed experience.

The low season for Florence, which lasts from November to February, is when the gallery is at its quietest. After all, you will be spending your time there indoors, so it shouldn’t matter that you’re visiting in winter. However, the best time to visit Florence generally is in the months of April, May, and October when the weather is warmer but the city isn’t too crowded.

If you’re looking to visit the museum when it’s less crowded, you should also carefully consider which day of the week and what time during the day you plan your visit for. The gallery is busiest on weekends and quietest during the middle of the week. As for the best time of day to visit the Uffizi, it’s usually best either first thing in the morning or in the later afternoon, although the latter option will limit how much time you have inside.

Tribuna room was the first nucleus of the Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy
Paolo Gallo /

How to Get to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence

To visit the Uffizi Gallery, you’ll first need to get there, but thankfully that’s easily done if you’re in the city. You won’t find public transport particularly useful in the historical center of Florence, and it’s best to just walk if you’re already in the historical center or at the main train station. Those in need of landmarks should stick to the north bank of the River Arno or seek out the Piazza della Signoria close to the Uffizi.

How Much Do Tickets for the Uffizi Gallery Cost?

One of the most pressing questions for visitors to Florence is how much the tickets for the Uffizi Gallery are. Because there are different ways to get your tickets, prices vary, but we’ll cover the standard ticket prices for the Uffizi Gallery when bought through the gallery.

Regular ticket prices to the Uffizi Gallery for adults are €12 from November 1 to February 28 and €20 from March 1 to October 31. Online bookings come with an additional €4 reservation fee to secure your tickets in advance. Those wanting an audio guide for their visit will need to pay an extra €6.

Reduced tickets costing €2 are available for EU citizens between the ages of 18 and 25, upon presentation of ID. Children under 18 and persons with a disability are granted free entry to the Uffizi.

The Uffizi is open with free entry to the public on the first Sunday of each month.

How Do Uffizi Gallery Tickets Work?

Unlike some major tourist attractions, the system for tickets for the Uffizi Gallery is relatively simple. When you book your tickets, you’ll need to select a day and entrance hour for your visit. 

On the day, bring your confirmation email that you received with your booking, either printed out or saved on your smartphone, and present it to receive your admission tickets at the reservations desk. You’ll then be able to proceed to the fast track lane to enter.

If there are special exhibitions being held at the Uffizi during your visit, admission to these temporary exhibitions is included in your general admission.

Visitors in Botticelli hall of Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy
vvoe /

Hotels Near the Uffizi Gallery

If staying close to the Uffizi Gallery is a priority to you, then you’re going to want to stay close to the historical center of Florence. With plenty of other great attractions nearby, this area can be an ideal part of the city to base yourself in. To help, we’ve put together a few recommendations of places to stay.

For a special stay in Florence, look no further than the Hotel Bernini Palace. This grand five-star hotel set inside a converted 15th-century palace is a few minutes from the Uffizi and boasts rooms with lavish Renaissance décor and every luxury you could ask for.

For those seeking both comfort and affordability, B&B San Remigio is an inviting and charming mid-range option. With this bed and breakfast you get bright and breezy rooms, an excellent breakfast, and an amazing host, all within a short walk to the gallery.

Florence isn’t the cheapest place in Italy, which makes finding budget options close to the Uffizi an even greater challenge. One of the few affordable places to stay that’s not too far is the Soggiorno Pitti guest house in Oltrano across the river; here you can enjoy inexpensive accommodation and attentive service. For other recommendations for backpackers and budget travelers, see our hostel guide to Florence.

Security Process at the Uffizi Gallery

Because the Uffizi Gallery is home to important collections of priceless art, it’s perfectly understandable that visitors must pass through security when they enter. To ensure a smooth visit, it’s worth knowing some of the rules of the Uffizi before you go.

Visitors are not allowed to bring backpacks, large bags, and umbrellas with them into the museum. These items can be stored free of charge in the cloakroom by the entrance. Professional photography equipment, such as stands and tripods, cannot be used without applying for permission.

Visitors are required to wear respectful clothing, which means no bare feet, immodest clothing, or fancy costumes. Food and drink, including alcoholic beverages, are not permitted inside.

Due to the pandemic, visitors must go through a COVID-19 check and provide proof of vaccination with an authorized vaccine. Minors under 12 years of age and those with a proven medical exemption are not required to show proof of vaccination.

Visiting the Uffizi Gallery With a Disability

To assist visitors with disabilities, the Uffizi Gallery has incorporated various measures to ensure that it is an accessible and inclusive place. For visitors with mobility concerns, there are ramps and lifts available to access the gallery. Wheelchairs are also available free of charge at the reception.

Visitors with visual impairments may be interested in the museum’s tactile tour, which includes ten sculptures that visitors are welcome to touch. The introduction of new signage is also planned that will include high readable characters and Braille captions.

Uffizi Gallery, East Corridor, one of the main museums in Florence, and among the oldest and most famous art museums of Europe, Florence, Italy
T photography /

FAQ – Facts About the Uffizi Gallery

What is the Uffizi Gallery?

The Uffizi Gallery is an acclaimed art museum that holds one of the most important collections of Italian Renaissance art in the world.

When Was the Uffizi Gallery Built?

The building for the Uffizi Gallery was constructed in 1581.

How Old Is the Uffizi Gallery?

As a venue in which visitors could come to see its collection, the Uffizi Gallery has been open to the public since 1769.

Who Built the Uffizi Gallery?

Cosimo I de’ Medici had the building for the Uffizi Gallery constructed and commissioned Giorgio Vasari to design it.

Why Was the Uffizi Gallery Built?

The buildings of the Uffizi were not originally built to be a museum but as administrative and legal offices for the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. This explains the origins of its name uffizi, or offices.

Where Is the Uffizi Gallery Located?

The Uffizi Gallery is situated on Piazzale degli Uffizi, just off the Piazza della Signoria in the historic center of Florence north of the River Arno.

That really should be everything you need to know for your visit to the Uffizi, including why skip-the-line Uffizi Gallery tickets are so useful. Make sure to take our advice when planning your visit to thoroughly enjoy this world-class art museum.

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