Skydiving – Hidden Gems: The Top Hill Stations In Odisha To Visit In 2024

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The hill stations of Odisha offer visitors a mesmerizing blend of nature and spirituality. Take a magical adventure through the hidden gems in Odisha’s verdant hills.

Our Expert’s Top Picks For Hill Stations in Odisha to Visit in 2024

Covered with greenery and dotted with innumerable sites that captivate the senses, Odisha’s hills are an incredible destination for those who wish to immerse themselves in a range of unique experiences. Read on to discover some of the best hill stations to visit this year.

The Best Hill Stations In Odisha For Nature and Wildlife

Odisha is renowned for being the home of a variety of wildlife, including tigers, elephants, leopards, and birds. These are the best places in Odisha’s hills for nature lovers.


Hill station in Daringbadi
Hill station in Daringbadi. Image Credit: (Nativeplanet)

Popularly called the “Kashmir of Odisha”, Daringbadi is situated in the hills of Odisha’s picturesque Kandhamahal district. It is the only place in Odisha that sees snowfall.

Daringbadi is popular among birdwatchers for the stunning variety of birds that can be found during the summers and monsoons. The surroundings are bathed in all shades of green, and numerous spots offer stunning views of the valley below.


Famous Places: Lover’s Point, Butterfly Park

Things to see: Birds, waterfalls, coffee plantations, orchards

Best Time To Visit: October to March

Recommended For: Families, couples

Places to Stay: Utopia Resort, Daringbadi Nature Camp

Nearest Railway Station: Bhramhapur


Mandasaru; surrounded by greenery. Image Credit ( Ocean6holidays)

Another gem of Odisha’s Kandhamahal district is the stunning Mandasaru Gorge. Surrounded by a diverse range of greenery, this is the perfect destination for those who love to be in nature.

The forests of this tranquil destination are famous for its wide variety of birds, with over 150 species recorded. There have also been sightings of elephants, Indian flying foxes, sambar deer, and leopards. The stunning beauty of this place changes with the seasons, making this a year-round destination for nature lovers.

Famous Places: Beingumaha Falls, Kaadigdapa Falls

Things to see: Birds, waterfalls, nature

Best Time To Visit: July to October

Recommended For: Friends groups, couples

Places to Stay: Mandasaru Valley Nature Camp

Nearest Railway Station: Bhramhapur


Malayagiri. Image Credit ( Tripadvisor)

One of Odisha’s highest peaks, Malayagiri is a trekker’s paradise. Surrounded by lush forests leading onto rocky trails, this part of the Garhjat hills is filled with incredible sights for the adventurous.

Malayagiri is popular among trekkers for its stunning beauty and moderate terrain. The climate is fantastic for trekking for most of the year, and the surrounding forests are filled with deer and monkeys.


Famous Places: Malayagiri Falls, Malayagiri Peak

Things to see: Waterfalls, deer

Best Time To Visit: October to March

Recommended For: Friends groups, trekkers

Places to Stay: No options in the nearby area apart from camping. One can stay in Kendujhar, 66 kilometers away. 

Nearest Railway Station: Kendujhargarh


Tensa Hill station in Odisha
Tensa is located 93 km distance from Rourkela. Image Credit ( Pinterest)

Located deep in the forests of Odisha’s mineral-rich Sudnergarh district, Tensa is a stunning escape into nature’s beauty. The town itself is inhabited mostly by employees of the various mines nearby. 

The main attraction of the area for visitors is the stunning eco-resort created by the Odisha Tourism Department. It is made to provide all the comforts of a cottage while giving guests a feeling of camping. Numerous treks are conducted by the resort staff, including birdwatching, nature walks and visiting tribal communities.


Famous Places: Malayagiri Falls, Malayagiri Peak

Things to see: Waterfalls, deer

Best Time To Visit: October to March

Recommended For: Families, couples, friends groups, trekkers

Places to Stay: Tensa Nature Camp

Nearest Railway Station: Barsuan 

Hindu Pilgrimage Sites and Temples in The Hill Stations of Odisha

Odisha is known mainly for pilgrimage sites at Puri like Shree Jagannatha Mandir and Konarak Sun Temple. The hill stations of Odisha also contain many important and unique spots for the faithful.


Dhenkanal ,Hill station in Odisha
Kapilash Hill Range. Image Credit (

The town of Dhenkanal in Odisha is full of fascinating experiences. Although not a hill station itself, it is surrounded by the Kapilash range. The town itself is a nerve centre for many important religious sites.

The town is best known for the Mahadev Chandrashekhar Temple atop Kapilash Hill, where pilgrims arrive by the thousands on the night of Mahashivratri. The Raghunath Temple dedicated to Ram is another popular destination, attracting major crowds during Ramnavami. The Saptasajya Wildlife Sanctuary is adjacent to the Raghunath Temple Complex. Joranda is another popular site, known as the birthplace of the Mahima Dharma, a sect of Hinduism. 


Famous Places: Mahadev Chandrashekhar Temple, Raghunath Temple, Joranda.

Things to see: Lush forests, Temples, Saptasajya Wildlife Sanctuary.

Best Time To Visit: October to December, February and March.

Recommended For: Persons with interest in local customs, families.

Places to Stay: Gajlaxmi Palace, Dhenkanal Palace, Nirupama Dhenkanal

Nearest Railway Station: Dhenkanal


Kendujhar. Image Credit (Tripadvisor)

The headquarters of the district, Kendujhar is best known for being a prominent mining town, with a variety of minerals being extracted from the soil around the town. The town has a rich history and was for a long time the capital of the Keonjhar State, which existed until the formation of Odisha in 1947.

The town is most famous for the stunning waterfalls that surround it. The Maa Tarini Temple at the nearby village of Ghatgaon attracts devotees throughout the year. Another major attraction is the Gonasika Temple, where the river Baitarani appears out of a rock shaped like the nose of a cow. Every year during Makar Sankranti, thousands of devotees gather further downstream at Keshri Kunda – two joined holes in the rocks on the banks of the Baitarni river – for a holy bath in the water. 


Famous Places: Sanaghagara Waterfall, Bhimkund Waterfall, Khandadhar Falls

Things to see: Gonasika Temple, Keshri Kunda
Best Time To Visit: November to February

Recommended For: Families, Senior citizens.

Places to Stay: Hotel The Sans, Hotel Prince, Panthnivas Keonjhar

Nearest Railway Station: Kendujhargarh


Deomali Mountain Koraput Odisha. Image Credit: (Triporissa)

If you’re unsure of where to travel to next, go to Koraput. This mesmerising town is known as the “Switzerland of Odisha” located right next to the highest hill in Odisha, Deomali. 

The town is best known for its Jagannath Temple, locally known as Sabara Shrikshetra, which allows people of all faiths to visit and learn about Jagannath Consciousness. Kechela is another point of interest, a small village with a Jain Temple dating back to the Gupta Empire. It is also surrounded by stunning waterfalls, including the famous Duduma Falls.


Famous Places: Sabara Shrikshetra, Deomali Peak, Kechala Jain Temple, Duduma Falls

Things to see: Sunabeda jet Factory, Tribal Museum, Gupteshwar Temple
Best Time To Visit: June to November

Recommended For: Families, Photographers

Places to Stay: Desia Koraput, Raj Residency, Eco Retreat Putsil

Nearest Railway Station: Koraput


Taptapani Hills naturally developed hot sulfur water springs. Image Credit:(

Located in Odisha’s stunning Ganjam district, the small village of Taptapani has been attracting thousands of visitors for centuries. This village, surrounded by dense forests, is the location of a hot spring with sacred significance.

Situated high up on a hill slope, this hot spring is rumoured to have various properties, from healing to spiritual significance for the Hindu, Buddhist and Tribal communities in the area. The nearby Lakhari Valley Wildlife Sanctuary and Taptapani Deer Park are also incredible places to visit.


Famous Places: Taptapani Hot Springs

Things to see: Lakhari Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, Taptapani Deer Park

Best Time To Visit: October to March

Recommended For: Families, Couples, Friends Groups

Places to Stay: Panthanivas

Nearest Railway Station: Brahmapur


Koti Shivlinga Parvat. Image Credit : (Tumblr)

Surrounded by the Deomali hill range, the small village of Kutunipadar has been a site of pilgrimage since times immemorial. It is most famous for the numerous carvings depicting both Hindu gods and goddesses found in the hills around the village.

The main attraction of the town is known as “Koti Shivlinga Parvat” – meaning “mountain of ten million Shivlingas”. Numerous carvings of Shivlingas and other gods such as Tarini, Vishnu and Bhairava have been unearthed. The site is thought to be from the later part of the Bhauma-Kara dynasty.

Famous Places: Koti Shivlinga Parvat

Things to see: Views of Deomali hill range
Best Time To Visit: June to November

Recommended For: Families, Devotees, Photographers

Places to Stay: Desia Koraput, Raj Residency, Eco Retreat Putsil

Nearest Railway Station: Koraput

Raj Ranpur

Maninag Mountain. Image Credit: (

Situated in the foothills of the Maninag hill range, Raj-Ranpur is one of the most important towns of the Nayargarh district of Odisha. Formerly the capital of the princely state of Ranpur, the town is known for its numerous temples and stunning surroundings.

Raj-Ranpur is most famous for its Jagganath Mandir, reportedly built by Raja Udhab Singh Narendra, who ruled the Kingdom of Ranpur during the 13th century. The Swapneshwar Shiva Mandir also attracts devotees from the nearby areas. A shrine to the local deity Maa Maninaga is located on a hilltop near the town.

Famous Places: Jagganath Mandir, Swapneshwar Mandir, Maa Maninaga Mandir

Things to see: Ranpur Palace

Best Time To Visit: October to February

Recommended For: Families

Places to Stay: Pipul Odi Museum Resort, Berbera Nature Camp, Hotel Daffodil Lodging and Boarding

Nearest Railway Station: Khorda

Buddhist Sites in The Hill Stations of Odisha


Phuntsokling Tibetan Settlement. Image Credit: (

Located in the Gajapati district, Phuntsokling is a settlement for Tibetans located 80 kilometres west of the city of Bhramhapur. The settlement was established in 1963 for Tibetans fleeing the Chinese occupation of their nation.

The settlement has 5 pagodas, all built in a traditional Tibetan style. The pagodas are filled with traditional Buddhist artwork adorning the walls of the temples. Each pagoda is dedicated to a particular aspect of Buddha, and depicts scenes of various stories of the Buddha’s life.  

Famous Places: Phuntsokling Tibetan Settlement

Things to see: Pagodas

Best Time To Visit: November to February

Recommended For: Photographers

Places to Stay: Tibetan Bungalow, Starling Forest Resorts

Nearest Railway Station: Bhramhapur


Padmasambhava Mahavihara Monastery. Image Credit: (Tripoto)

Located near the Phuntsokling settlement is the Padmasambhava Mahavihara Monastery at Jeerango, atop Chandragiri hill. The monastery is named after Acharya Padmasambhava, a fundamental figure of the Vajrayana school of Buddhism.

The monastery is the largest one in Eastern India. It was built in 2008, and was inaugurated by the 14th Dalai Lama in 2010. Around 200 monks and students reside in the monastery, which is also a centre for Tibetan Studies. 


Famous Places: Padmasambhava Mahavihara Monastery 

Things to see: Meditation hall, Buddha statue

Best Time To Visit: November to February

Recommended For: Photographers

Places to Stay: Tibetan Bungalow, Starling Forest Resorts

Nearest Railway Station: Bhramhapur

Hill Stations In Odisha with Archaeological Significance


Dhauligiri Peace Pagoda. Image Credit: (Wikipidea)

Just 8 kilometres away from the capital of Odisha, Dhauli is rumoured to be the site of the Great War of Kalinga. Numerous inscriptions and ruins unearthed over the years have supported this theory.

The Great War of Kalinga is considered the turning point in the rule of the legendary Mauryan Emperor Ashoka, who is said to have turned to Buddhism afterwards. It is now the site of a Peace Pagoda, jointly built by the Japan Buddha Sangha and the Kalinga Nippon Buddha Sangha in 1972.


Famous Places: Dhauligiri Peace Pagoda 

Things to see: Panoramic views

Best Time To Visit: November to February

Recommended For: Families, couples, Photographers

Places to Stay: Lemon Tree Premier, Fortune Park Sishmo

Nearest Railway Station: Bhubaneshwar



Lalitgiri Ruins
Lalitgiri ruins . Image Credit: (

Located on a hill between two river valleys, Lalitgiri is home to one of the oldest buddhist sites of Odisha. The ruins of the original monastery date back to the First Century, AD. 

Visitors can view the remains of the Main Stupa on the top of the hill, walking past the remains of multiple Stupas dating up to the 13th Century. There is a museum documenting the various discoveries made at this site as well.


Famous Places: Lalitgiri ruins 

Things to see: Lalitgiri museum

Best Time To Visit: October to March

Recommended For: Families, couples, photographers

Places to Stay: Pramod Convention & Club Resort, Hotel Bombay Inn

Nearest Railway Station: Cuttack



Udaygiri ruins 
Udaygiri ruins . Image Credit: (Tripoto)

Often confused with the nearby caves, Udaygiri is also the largest ancient Buddhist site discovered in Odisha. Together with Dhauligiri and Lalitgiri, these three sites are known as Odisha’s diamond triangle.

The ruins at Udaygiri are the least excavated among the three sites, but have already provided a wealth of incredible treasures. Numerous statues of the Buddha, lions and other animals have been unearthed. Many have been preserved at the site itself, allowing one to imagine the grandeur of this site in its heyday.


Famous Places: Udaygiri ruins 

Things to see: Udaygiri Monastery

Best Time To Visit: October to March

Recommended For: Families, couples, photographers

Places to Stay: Pramod Convention & Club Resort, Hotel Bombay Inn

Nearest Railway Station: Cuttack


How many hill stations are there in Odisha?

There is no certain number to place on the number of hill stations in Odisha. There is no official classification of what constitutes a “Hill station” in India.

Which is the coldest place in Odisha in summer?

The town of Dumuriput in Koraput district has the lowest recorded temperatures during the summer.

Which is a big hill in Odisha?

The tallest hill of Odisha is Deomali at a height of 1762 metres.

Which hill district is in Odisha?

Many districts in Odisha are either entirely or partially in hill ranges, including Koraput, Kendujhar, Kandhamahal, Angul, Nayagarh, and Sambalpur.

What is the coolest place in Odisha?

In recent years. the lowest temperatures in Odisha have been recorded at Udaygiri in the Kandhamahal district.

Make Memories at Odisha’s Finest Hill Stations

Odisha’s hills are filled with a myriad of incredible sights and experiences. The sheer variety of things to see and do in this State is incredible, and many of these places are not on the radar of many travellers. 

For those looking for an offbeat Odisha experience, the hill stations of Odisha are definitely worth exploring. Whether you wish to immerse yourself in nature, take a spiritual journey or discover India’s ancient history – Odisha is an incredible destination for all. Discover the wonders of Odisha with Flying Squirrel Holidays.


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