Skydiving – The Ultimate Guide To Incredible One Day Trips Near Kolkata In 2024

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Kolkata is an incredible city, with all kinds of unique places to see. At the same time, it is also one of the most densely populated places on Earth. For many, a one day trip near Kolkata provides a perfect way to spend a weekend.

West Bengal is filled with incredible places to visit. The plains of the state are filled with stories of war, business and religious movements. The southernmost part of the state is the Sunderbans, the world’s largest deltaic mangrove ecosystem.

This blog will cover all the information you need to choose your destination for the best one day trips from Kolkata. From cultural deep dives to soulful sojourns, this blog will contain all the information you need for weekend getaways near Kolkata!

12 One Day Trips Near Kolkata You HAVE To Take!

1. Shantiniketan

Shantiniketan One of Tagore’s five residences in Santiniketan.(Travel Leisure)

West Bengal’s latest UNESCO World Heritage Site, Shantiniketan is best known for its connection with Rabindranath Tagore. This town is known for its vibrant culture and handicrafts. Located 167 kilometres away from Kolkata, this town is a soothing balm to the chaos of Kolkata.

Tagore’s philosophy of living in harmony with nature runs deep here. When one visits the iconic Vishwa Bharati University, one can see this in practice. The grounds are sprawling with greenery all around.

To immerse yourself in the local culture, you should visit the colourful and energetic festivals that are held here – Poush Mela in December, Joydev Mela in January and Basanta Utsav in March. The natural beauty of the place makes it ideal for a one day trip from Kolkata.

Distance from Kolkata: 167 kilometres
How to reach: One can take the Shantiniketan Express, which leaves daily from Howrah. Buses are also available from Esplanade. It is also a popular road trip destination.
Activities: Nature walks, cultural tours, handicrafts markets.
Nearest Attractions: Viswa Bharati University, Khoai Shonajhuri Forest.
Best Time Visit: November to January.
Recommended for: Cultural explorers and nature lovers.

2. Bishnupur

Bishnupur Photo by Samir Ganguli (

Located North-west of Kolkata, Bishnupur is known for its famous terracotta temples built by the Malla Dynasty from the years 1600 AD to 1800 AD. These majestic creations are symbols of devotion to Vishnu, whom the town is named after.

Each temple in Bishnupur has a unique story. From one temple to the other, you will be treated to unique stories of Bengal’s history. The temples, however, are not all that Bishnupur has to offer.

Bishnupur is the birthplace of the Baluchari Saree. This unique form of saree features mythological scenes that are intricately woven into the part of the drape that falls over the shoulder, known as the aanchal. The spiritual atmosphere and deep history of Bishnupur make it an ideal destination for a one day trip near Kolkata.

Distance from Kolkata: 139 kilometres
How to reach: Daily trains are available from Howrah Station. Buses are also available from Esplanade. It is also a popular road trip destination.
Activities: Temple visits, handicrafts markets, Sari shops
Nearest Attractions: Rasmancha, Jor Bangla Temple, Madan Mohan Temple, Kanishka Sari Shop
Best Time Visit: October to December
Recommended for: Families, Vishnu disciples, history lovers.

3. Barrackpur

Barrackpur Mangal Pandey Park(

Barrackpur has a unique place in the history of West Bengal. The town was the first place that the British East India Company created a cantonment of British soldiers. The town was also home to the first zoo in Asia, however it has long been discontinued.

When one visits Barrackpur, it is easy to understand why the British thought that it was a perfect spot for a cantonment. The Ganga provides a respite from the heat of Kolkata. The sprawling woods all around provide a sense of oneness with nature.

Barrackpur is filled with sites important to the story of India. In 1857, Mangal Pandey fired at his superior officer, beginning the Rebellion of 1857. Today, his memory is honoured at the Sahid Mangal Pandey Udayan, where the former Barrackpur Zoo used to stand.

Distance from Kolkata: 24 kilometres
How to reach: Trains are available on a daily basis from Sealdah Station. Many buses also travel to Barrackpur. It is also easily accessible by road.
Activities: Nature walks, temple visits, museum visits
Nearest Attractions: Titagarh Annapurna Temple, Gandhi Museum, Mangal Pandey Park
Best Time Visit: October to December
Recommended for: History lovers, nature lovers.

4. Chandannagar

The Chandannagore Strand The Chandannagore Strand (Wikipedia)

One of the longest held French colonies in West Bengal, Chandannagar offers visitors a plethora of incredible experiences. The unique culture of this place requires that one vistis the place to understand the feeling.’

Located on the banks of the Hooghly river, this town wears its history proudly. The eighteenth century Nandadulal Temple stands a few metres away from the iconic Sacred Heart Church. The Strand is a dreamlike promenade by the riverbank, offering serene spots to enjoy the Hooghly river flowing by. 

Chandannagar comes alive during Jagadhatri Puja, which happens one month after Durga Puja. This celebration is arguably more impressive than Kolkata’s famous Durga Puja, with massive 30 foot idols and intricate art made from lights. 

Distance from Kolkata: 40 kilometres
How to Reach: Local trains are available at regular intervals from Howrah Station.
Activities: Walks, temple visits, museum visits, Church visits
Nearest Attractions: The Strand, Sacred Heart Church, Nandadulal Temple, Patal Ghar.
Best Time Visit: June to January
Recommended for: History lovers, nature lovers.

5. Bardhaman

Bardhaman 108 Siva Temple, Ambika Kalna (Outer Circle)(

A major transit point of Bengal, Bardhaman has the distinction of being known as “the granary of Bengal”. The town is surrounded by sprawling fields, mostly growing rice. 

The fertile fields around Bardhaman have been a target for invaders throughout history, the most famous being that of Quttubudin attacking the erstwhile ruler of the area, Sher Afghan. Their tombs are placed side by side as they died on the same day as a result of their rule. 

Bardhaman has a variety of attractions for guests, ranging from mediaeval temples to science museums. This makes it a perfect place for a one day trip from Kolkata, with exciting activities for all ages. 

Distance from Kolkata: 90 kilometres
How to reach: Daily trains are available from Howrah and Sealdah Stations. Buses are available from Esplanade.
Activities: Nature walks, Temple visits, Museum visits, shopping.
Nearest Attractions: 108 Shiva Temples, Bardhaman Rajbari, Ramnabagan Wildlife Sanctuary, Golapbag.
Best Time Visit: September to January
Recommended for: Families, nature lovers and cultural explorers.

6. Raichak

Raichak, West Bengal Raichak, West Bengal(

Located on the banks of the Hooghly River, Raichak provides those looking for a one day trip from Kolkata an escape into nature and history. Filled with magnificent forts and sprawling fields, this is a soulful escape from the chaos of the city.

Raichak was an important port for traders in the 16th century. These forts were used as major markets for spices, textiles and gold. Nowadays, Raichak is known as a famous picnic spot for people from Kolkata. It is also popular for people to have parties on one of the many steamers that operate on the river. 

Raichak is located near the Parmadan Forest, a haven for birdwatchers. During the winter months, many species of migratory birds visit this idyllic forest by the river. 

Distance from Kolkata: 20 kilometres
How to reach: Buses are available from Esplanade and Howrah Station.
Activities: Nature walks
Nearest Attractions: Chingrikhali Fort
Best Time Visit: October to March
Recommended for: Families, couples.

7. Haldia

The Phul Bagh Palace, Mahishadal; Haldia The Phul Bagh Palace, Mahishadal(

One of Bengal’s most famous industrial hubs, Haldia is a city with a story that keeps evolving. Once seen as a site of worship and pilgrimage, it has now shifted to becoming a hub for shipping and petrochemicals. 

The main draw of Haldia for visitors is the city’s importance as a place of worship. The Bargabhima Temple has existed since the 5th Century BC, making it one of the oldest documented Kali Temples in Bengal. 

Haldia is famous for its incredibly scenic locations by the riverside. Marine Drive is a spectacular stretch by the flowing Hooghly, The unique juxtaposition of modern and traditional make Haldia a great destination for a one day trip from Kolkata.

Distance from Kolkata: 20 kilometres
How to reach: Buses are available from Esplanade. Local trains are available at regular intervals from Howrah Station.
Activities: Temple visits, Monuments, Nature walks
Nearest Attractions: Mahishadal Rajbari, Bargabhima Temple, Marine Drive
Best Time Visit: November to January
Recommended for: Families and religious people.

8. Bakkhali

Bakkhali Beach Bakkhali Beach(

Quickly gaining traction as one of the most popular beaches in West Bengal, Bakkhali is a stunning strip of sand in the South 24 Parganas district. The beach stretches eight kilometres to the neighbouring town of Frasergunj.

Bakkhali beach is harder than the beaches of Odisha or Goa, and one can easily drive on the sand. It is a popular spot for beach parties and picnics, with many nearby hotels and restaurants preparing Bengali delicacies. 

At Frasergunj, one can visit the house of Andrew Fraser, once the Lieutenant General of Bengal. There is a wind farm by the beach as well. The Bakkhali Crocodile Project also makes for an interesting visit, as one can learn about the importance of these apex predators to the environment.

Distance from Kolkata: 125 kilometres
How to reach: Buses are available from Esplanade. Local trains are available at regular intervals from Sealdah Station to Namkhanna, from where one will need to take a bus or taxi to reach.
Activities: Beach walks, picnics.
Nearest Attractions: Andrew Fraser’s House, Bakkhali Wind Farm, Bakkhali Crocodile Project
Best Time Visit: March to September
Recommended for: Families and friends groups.

9. Tarakeshwar

Tarakeshwar Mandir Tarakeshwar Temple(wikipedia)

Named after the principal deity of the area, Tarakeshwar has been a point of pilgrimage for over 200 years. Located on the banks of the River Hoogly, the serene surroundings offer a serene respite from the chaos of the city.

The Taraknath Temple has a unique position in Hindu mythology. It is one of the few temples that pays tribute to Shiva in his role as a psychopomp – one who delivers souls from this realm to the afterlife. 

The biggest festival of this town is the Shravani Mela, which takes place between July and August. The mela attracts people from all over eastern and northern India, even people all the way from Nepal. 

Distance from Kolkata: 125 kilometres
How to reach: Buses are available from Esplanade. Local trains are available at regular intervals from Sealdah Station.
Activities: Beach walks, picnics.
Nearest Attractions: Taraknath Mandir, Tarakeshwar Rajbari, Rashmancha
Best Time Visit: Year round, but avoid July-August if you do not wish to be part of the Shravani Mela festivities.
Recommended for: Families, religious people.

10. Taki

Taki Taki(wikipedia)

Located on the banks of the Ichamati river, Taki is an incredible destination for those looking to immerse themselves in nature, history and culture. The Ichamati river itself acts as a border between West Bengal and Bangladesh.
The major attraction of Taki is the stunning riverside promenade, where parents can enjoy the view of the river while their children play in the manicured lawns by the path. One can also see the many old houses of the town, such as Puber Bari and Roychowdhury Durga Dalan.

Another big attraction of Taki is Golpata Forest, one of the only successful mangrove afforestation programs in the world. The Forest features a canopy walk, making it a major hotspot for birdwatchers in West Bengal. 

Distance from Kolkata: 70 kilometres
How to reach: Buses are available from Esplanade. Trains are available on a daily basis from Sealdah Station.
Activities: Visit heritage properties, canopy walks, riverside walks.
Nearest Attractions: Roychowdhury Durga Dalan, Golpata Forest, Taki Eco Park
Best Time Visit: Year round
Recommended for: Families, couples.

11. Sundarbans Tiger Reserve

Sundarbans Tiger Reserve Photos by: Soumyajit Nandy(wikipedia)

The famous wetlands of the Sundarbans cannot be left our of any list of top one day trips from Kolkata. The forest has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is home to one of the largest populations of wild Royal Bengal Tigers

The Sundarbans are a mangrove forest, located on the gangetic delta where the holy river Ganga flows out to the Bay of Bengal. The forest continues into Bangladesh. Due to the geography of the region, the Sundarbans is best experienced by boat. However, there are many islands where visitors can walk to watch towers, giving them panoramic views of the forest below. 

Distance from Kolkata: 130 kilometres
How to reach: Buses are available from Esplanade to Canning. Local rains to Canning are available at regular intervals from Sealdah Station.
Activities: Boat safari
Nearest Attractions: Wildlife of Sunderbans
Best Time Visit: Temperatures remain similar year round, though it is cooler from November to February. However, this is also when spotting wildlife is the least common.
Recommended for: Families, nature lovers.

12. Chinsurah


Regarded as one of the most beautiful areas of West Bengal, Chinsurah has a long and storied history. It is a melting pot of global influences, and is an incredible display of India’s cultural diversity. For those seeking the history of West Bengal, a one day trip from Kolkata to Chinsurah is highly recommended

Chinsurah was a Portuguese colony, formed with the blessings of Mughal Emperor Akbar, from the late 16th century to the middle of the 17th century. The colony then came under the control of the Dutch, who held onto it until the 19th century, when they ceded all their colonies in Bengal to the British. 

Visiting Chinsurah one can see relics from all periods of Bengal’s history. From the mediaeval era Shandeshwartala Mandir, to the Hoogly Imambara and the Susanna Anna Maria Memorial, there is no end to the fascinating stories one can learn about here.

Distance from Kolkata: 53 kilometres
How to reach: Buses are available from Esplanade. Trains to Chuchura Junction are available on a daily basis from Howrah Station.
Activities: Historical monuments, Temples.
Nearest Attractions: Shandeshwartala Mandir, Hooghly Imambara, Susanna Anna Maria Memorial
Best Time Visit: November to February
Recommended for: Families, couples, history lovers.

One Day Trip Near Kolkata For Couples

Those looking for a romantic getaway from Kolkata, this is the section for you. Impress the love of your life with an incredible one day trip from Kolkata to any of the destinations listed below. Here are a few places to make memories both of you will cherish forever.

1. Raichak

Raichak Romantic getaway at Raichak(

Raichak is a great option for a romantic getaway, with incredible properties for couples to enjoy quiet moments together. The riverside location makes it an ideal place to visit throughout the year. 

Raichak is well connected to Kolkata, making it an attractive road trip destination. Couples can enjoy the stunning properties with expertly manicured lawns. You and your partner can even take a boat ride on the Hooghly river if you can arrive there early or reserve a boat by calling your resort of choice ahead of time.

2. Henry Island

Henry Island Long, white beaches and a clear blue skyline is Henry’s Island’s distinct feature(

Located near Bakkhali, Henry Island provides a serene and relaxing spot for couples seeking an escape from the chaos of the city. Henry Island is most famous for the sight of thousands of red crabs that call the island home. 

Couples can take a walk along the beach and enjoy the scenery. The only accommodation available on Henry Island is a complex of cottages owned by the West Bengal Department of Fisheries. However, there are plenty of options for accommodations at the nearby village of Bakkhali.

One Day Trip Near Kolkata In Summer

At Flying Squirrel Holidays, we believe in full transparency in our interactions. This is why we will let you know right now – summer in West Bengal is not for the faint of heart. Daytime temperatures cross 35 degrees celsius regularly. Due to the coastal location, relative humidity levels are also quite high. However, there are a few places that you can go, so keep reading.

1. Sundarbans Tiger Reserve

Sundarbans Tiger Reserve
Sundarbans Tiger Reserve Image Credit:

The dense vegetation of the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve offers a year round respite from the heat. The mangrove forest provides shade to most of the area, blocking out most of the direct heat from the sun. 

Additionally, the influence of the Bay of Bengal prevents the temperature from climbing too high. Visiting the Sunderbans Tiger Reserve during the summers also gives you the best chance of seeing tigers.

2. Kakdwip

Large flock of aquatic birds in Kakdwip. Image Credit: 

Although the term “dwip” in Bengali means island, Kakdwip is not an island at all. Located near the Sundarbans, the surrounding area of Kakdwip is a popular spot for birdwatchers throughout the year. 

The dense vegetation and riverside location are perfect for keeping cool during the hot Bengal summers. There are many designated picnic spots and local eateries in the area. The main attraction of this place is the boat ride over the Muriganga, a tributary of the Ganges river.

One Day Trip Near Kolkata In Winter

Winter is the best time to visit West Bengal. The cooler temperatures create dreamlike conditions, with enchanting misty mornings and bright, clear sunny days. Many of Bengal’s lesser-known festivals are held during this time, making the state a haven for cultural explorers. Here are a few wintertime destinations that you don’t want to miss.

1. Shantiniketan

Prayer hall- Upasna Ghar
Prayer hall- Upasna Ghar. Image Credit: Zeezest 

During the winters, Shantiniketan comes alive. The vibrant four-day celebrations of Poush Mela fill the area with incredible energy. It is followed by the spiritual festival of Joydev Mela, which attracts ascetics and folk musicians from all over India. 

Both these festivals attract huge numbers of visitors. However, the peaceful atmosphere of Shantiniketan can still be experienced at the many resorts and homestays away from the Vishwa Bharati University campus.

2. Baruipur

picnic Spot in Baruipur
Picnic Spot in Baruipur. Image Credit: Neeldeep Garden 

Considered by many to be Kolkata’s fruit bowl, Baruipur is most famous for its stunning orchards. During the winter months, the town is a favourite picnic location for Kolkatans. The flat terrain makes it an incredible spot for games, and the orchards are perfect for strolling amid natural beauty.

One Day Trip Near Kolkata In Monsoon

The monsoon season in West Bengal creates enchanting scenes throughout the State. Many poems and folk songs have been written about the beauty of Bengal’s monsoons. Explore these destinations for an incredible monsoon getaway.

1. Gadiara

Gadiara,Howrah. Image Credit: Wikimedia 

Located at the confluence of three rivers, Gadiara is an incredible place to enjoy a quiet day during the famous Bengal monsoons. The stunning riparian vegetation provides the perfect setting for a relaxing riverside walk. 

Boat rides are also available, and one can visit the villages of Garchumuk and Geonkhali to see the deer park and handicrafts market. The local restaurants here are famous for their fresh fish.

2. Barrackpore

Jawahar Kunj Park in Barrackpur
Jawahar Kunj Park in Barrackpur. Image Credit: Wikimedia 

Barrackpore’s scenic riverside is best experienced during the monsoons. The scenic gardens of Jawahar Kunj are at their most lush, with marigolds, frangipanis and lotuses providing splashes of colour throughout the manicured gardens. Mangal Pandey Park also explodes with a show of stunning flowers. 

The abundance of restaurants gives you the option of enjoying a meal with the security of a roof preventing the rains from cutting your meal short. 

Best Resorts Near Kolkata For a One Day Trip

Those looking for a luxurious escape from Kolkata have a wealth of options at their fingertips. From heritage properties to eco-resorts, there is no dearth of incredible resorts for those looking for a day of decadence. Here are our top picks for the best resorts near Kolkata for a one day trip.

1. Fort Raichak

The Ffort Raichak
The Ffort Raichak. Image Credit: Tripadvisor 

The Fort Raichak seamlessly blends modern luxuries with heritage surroundings. From the outside, one sees an eighteenth-century fort, originally built by the British East India Company. On the inside, you are treated to a bouquet of luxurious experiences. 

The resort has multiple dining options for every kind of visitor. Sonar Tori is a Bengali fine dining experience that one cannot get anywhere else. Reflections offers stunning views of the sacred Ganges, and offers a surreal atmosphere as the restaurant is bathed in the hues of the sunset. The Courtyard offers guests fast food and cocktails with a casual atmosphere.

Accommodations – Deluxe rooms, Suites and Presidential Suites

Meals – Two multi-cuisine restaurants offer a diverse range of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Sonar Tori offers only Bengali food, but serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. 

Amenities – Spa, Pool, Gym, Lounge, Nightclub.

Pets Policy – The resort has a strict no-pets policy.

2. The Rajbari Bawali

The Rajbari Bawali
The Rajbari Bawali . Image Credit: 

Located in the unassuming village of Bawali, Rajbari Bawali allows you to immerse yourself in the luxuries of the past. Painstakingly restored to preserve authenticity, this incredible property allows guests to experience the zamindari life of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. 

The resort holds nothing back when it comes to luxury. Guests can experience a range of authentic ayurvedic massages at the spa. The resort does not feature a swimming pool, but will organise a stunning sunset experience on the Ganga. There are multiple dining areas, including exclusive experiences that can be arranged in advance. 

Accommodations – Heritage rooms, suites, and private bungalows.

Meals – The kitchen team are ready to prepare both Bengali classics as well as Mexican, Japanese and Italian cuisine.  

Amenities – Spa, Lounge, Special experiences – boat rides, yoga, pottery sessions.

Pets Policy – The resort allows both cats and dogs at an additional fee.

3. Bari Kothi

Bari Kothi
Bari Kothi. Image Credit: Makemytrip 

Those looking for eco-friendly options for their next getaway need not look further than the luxurious Bari Kothi of Azimganj. Located in the historic district of Murshidabad, Bari Kothi offers guests with immersive cultural experiences. 

The resort itself is a restored rajbari – somewhere between a mansion and a palace. The resort sits on the banks of the Ganges, giving visitors an idyllic view of the river and the town on the other side. The resort prides itself on creating bespoke experiences for its guests, from walking tours of Azimganj to boat rides down the river Ganga. This is one incredible experience for those who are looking for a blend of luxury, history and culture.

Accommodations – The resort only offers suites of three variants – Heritage, Royal Heritage and Maharaja.

Meals – The resort serves sheherwali cuisine, a vegetarian culinary tradition of Murshidabad’s high society.  

Amenities – Special experiences – boat rides, heritage walks, oral storytelling, live folk music and more.

Pets Policy – The resort has a strict no-pets policy.


West Bengal has no shortage of incredible places to discover for the adventurous. Travelling to these destinations offer incredible insights into the history and culture of the state.

To get the most out of your day trip, Flying Squirrel Holidays offers you with an end-to-end travel solution. All you have to do is describe the experience you want, and our travel experts are sure to come up with the break of your dreams.

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